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Section of Science & Technology Law:
Museums and the Arts Law Committee

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The Museums and the Arts Law Committee (MALC) focuses on emerging science and technology law issues relating to museums of all types and also the art world. We welcome all ABA members with an interest in these areas, and particularly invite the participation of law student and young lawyer members who would like to be involved in projects that bring together the worlds of museums, art, technology and the law. MALC actively works on projects of interest not only to its members, but to the broader community of museum professionals and supporters.

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Newsletter: We’re currently accepting submissions for the Spring 2017 Newsletter. If you are interested in contributing original content, have ideas or suggestions for stories of interest, please contact Katherine at

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Digitization & Archiving Collections. The push is on for Museums to digitize their collections in order to preserve and protect and make collections available to e-audiences. At the same time, the digital millennium has made new mediums available to artists, raising new questions.

Document Archival & Electronic Communications Privacy; Both federal and state law govern access to, and use, disclosure, and interception of, electronic communications. This is a particularly important issue for museums acting as employers monitoring electronic resources in the workplace as well as those who are seeking ways to archive digital correspondence and electronic documents for purposes of due diligence, ownership documentation and research purposes.

Social Media. The goal of this working group is to foster an ongoing discussion around social media and audience engagement as it relates to rights, reproductions, licensing issues and other matters encountered daily by those who source images and handle compliance for museums, including use of audience photography or likeness. We will work to identify practical solutions and best practices for museums engaged in social media and open source audience engagement.

Patents in Museums and Arts. As artists explore new digital media and museums develop techniques and processes to solve issues in cataloging, digitization and research, patent law may be more relevant than ever before to these communities.

Connect Us! A major goal of the Committee is to act as a liaison between the museum/arts community and the legal profession. If you know of national, regional or local museum/arts groups we should be contacting, send an e-mail to

Website: We are looking for volunteers to help maintain our website so it is both up to date and interesting. If interested (even if still unsure) contact Baron Oda, for more information.

Suggestions Welcome! We’re always accepting suggestions for additional working groups and/or legal topics that would be helpful to museum audiences. Please email suggestions to



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