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Section of Science & Technology:
Information Security Committee


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Internet of Things National Institute

By 2020, 25 billion “smart” devices will be wirelessly connected to, and communicating with, each other, raising serious legal and liability issues. This so-called “Internet of Things” (IoT) is one of the fastest emerging, transformative, and disruptive technology developments in years. Join us as we explore:

How the exponential growth of IoT will require manufacturers, vendors, business executives, regulators, legislators, and lawyers to identify and address potential risks and liability.

Ways that smart devices implicate security, privacy, authentication, data ownership, and information governance on a massive scale.

The extraordinary ethical issues associated with connecting billions of ordinary devices to the Internet and each other.

Ways to avoid creating not-so-smart product liability problems when connecting smart devices.


A Publication of the Information Security and EDDE Committees ABA Section of Science & Technology Law.

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The Internet-of-Things (IoT) (or Internet of Everything) – Privacy and Data Protection Issues in the EU and the US
By Francesca Giannoni-Crystal and Allyson Haynes Stuart

Welcome Making Lemonade out of Lemons: The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015
By Jason Edgecombe and Frederick Scholl

Biometric Collection: A New Era of Technology and Privacy Concerns
By Ashley L. Thomas

EU’s General Data Protection Regulation – What Does It Mean for Business?
By Kate Colleary

The New Year Brings Changes to Proportionality and Sanctions Rules
By Khadijah Robinson, Alexander Hastings, and Edward Rippey

A Hidden Insider Threat: Exposing Visual Hackers
By Mari J. Frank

About the Information Security Committee (ISC)

This Committee is comprised of a diverse group of lawyers, security experts, technologists, auditors and other professionals, whose focus includes the examination and analysis of legal, business, and technical aspects of securing the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

Our focus spans across the spectrum of information security issues, including: emerging issues surrounding the protection of information and critical infrastructures within computer systems and networks, such as the Internet; all aspects of litigation involving computer ecosystems as well as the electronic information generated by them; and regulatory and legal information security compliance and contracting.

The ISC provides a venue for the examination of legal frameworks impacting the deployment, management and regulation of networks and infrastructure systems of immense value and complexity. The ISC draws on the multi-disciplinary expertise of members to explore integrated solutions to problems where the law and information security intersect.

The ISC has been the focal point of diverse secure electronic commerce law initiatives since 1992, and its body of published work includes globally influential documents relating to electronic authentication, digital signatures, and public key infrastructures. ISC members interests also include the security aspects of protecting private electronic consumer and health care patient information, electronic evidence, securing electronic financial transactions and payments and compliance with the increasing patchwork of information security and privacy laws.

Increasingly, the ISC's work encompasses issues involved with identifying security threats and vulnerabilities to computer systems and networks, implementing security solutions in response to vulnerabilities, handling security breaches and other incidents and the development of new approaches to digital data and digital data generation within both a pre-litigation and litigation environment.

The ISC's list serve is recognized as a leading on-line forum for the robust debate on the spectrum of views from its members and other SMEs on these emerging issues of law and policy in the network infrastructure security arena.

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