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Section of Science & Technology Law: Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Committee

Section of Science & Technology Law:
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Committee


We are the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Committee committee.

About the Committee

This committee addresses all aspects of law and devices that replicate or appear to replicate human mental or physical activity - learning, reasoning, communicating, manipulating objects, etc.

Message From The Chair

AI and Robotics are no longer topics of the distant future. AI software is used for underwriting mortgage loans and discovering new breakthrough pharmaceuticals. Our military flies drone planes, you can buy a Lexis that will parallel park for you or a Roomba to vacuum your floors. This committee addresses the legal issues that arise from such technologies.

Activity will be divided into two broad topic categories:

The first, use in legal activities, will address advances such as automated contract drafting and interpretation, compliance monitoring, and even law enforcement.

The second will track changes in statute, regulation, and case law about, or which specifically affect parties engaged in, artificial intelligence and robotics. As technology advances, the committee will address the challenges posed by ever smarter and more-dexterous machines that can out-perform humans.

The Committee will soon offer a listserv, on-line publications, and working groups. Webinars and teleconferences will follow.



Casey, James
Harmon, Shannon
Mordecai, David
Nguyen, H
Scarpelli, Brian

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