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Young Lawyers Division: Affiliate Leaders

Young Lawyers Division:
Affiliate Leaders

About the Committee

Welcome to the ABA Young Lawyer Division, Affiliate Leaders Committee! This Committee is open to chair-elects, chairs, and immediate-past/outgoing chairs of county and state Young Lawyer Organizations.

As a leader of a Young Lawyer Organization, called an “Affiliate” within the ABA Young Lawyers Division, one of our goals is to put you in touch with other young lawyers who lead their young lawyer organizations across the country. We, on the Affiliate Assistance Team, are a group of members of the ABA YLD who are specifically tasked with trying to provide you with information and assistance to make your term as a leader the most effective it can be.

Your membership in this Committee gives you access to a listserv, which is intended to serve as a resource for leaders to connect, ask questions and share information. Whether you’re looking for ideas on a public service project, struggling through a challenge with your larger bar association, or need to know where to find information on the ABA YLD’s website, we want leaders to be able to have a place to go to get this information – or at least to have someone point them in the right direction.

Listserv Considerations:

While we want to facilitate discussions and give leaders a resource, we also don’t want to overwhelm your inbox. As a result, we would ask that you be respectful of other people using the listserv. If the question or request being posed is specific, we’d ask that you respond by sending your email just to that specific person, instead of using the “reply all” feature. Also, if you see that your answer would just be duplicative of other responses that have already been given, please save your participation for the next discussion. Discussions will be monitored by a member of the Affiliate Assistance Team and we will try to cut off the conversations before they get too long. If the discussions have generated some interesting points, we’ll turn the discussion into a teleconference so that you can more thoroughly discuss the topic in a better forum.

We hope this serves as a great resource for you. We look forward to working with you this year and wish you the best during your term! If you have any specific questions, please contact Anna Romanskaya, Affiliate Assistance Team Director, at

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