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Young Lawyers Division:
Labor & Employment Law Committee

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The Labor & Employment Law Committee serves as a resource for attorneys, whose practice involves employment and traditional labor practice, including litigation in the courts, administrative agencies and arbitrations. The committee provides a forum for discussion and serves as a resource for attorneys who handle employment discrimination and harassment claims, retaliation and whistle blower claims, wage and hour claims, breach of employment contract claims, employment torts, unfair labor practice claims and other types of employment or labor related claims.

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Message from the Chair

Andrew Schpak will Chair the Division during the 2014-2015 bar year. He represents management in employment litigation and provides advice in employment matters. When asked about his work as an employment lawyer and with the ABA YLD, he had the following to say: Full Q & A (PDF)

Become a YLD Fellow
Highlights of this program are:
Participants receive a two-year Fellowship with the Section of Labor & Employment Law
Participants are assigned to a Section standing committee
Participants are expected to attend the midwinter meetings of their assigned committee
In addition to a waiver of the registration fee, participants will be reimbursed by the Section for their midwinter meeting travel expenses.

Applications are solicited in the spring and early summer, with a submission deadline of August 31. Fellowships are announced in mid-September.

Access the YLD Fellowship Program Form here.

Navigating the Treacherous Family Medical Leave Seas: A Map for Handling the Most Common and Troublesome Family Medical Leave Issues

**The Complimentary Download is Available to all ABA Members**
Download Program Material
Download Audio Here

About the Program:
Millions of people have been affected by the enactment of the Family Medical Leave Act, or FMLA, and state medical leave laws. Since its enactment in 1993 it has been widely used, but often criticized, by employers and employees alike. This is due, in part, to both management and labor not understanding what events trigger FMLA or state medical leave protection and what that protection actually provides to an individual. The teleconference is a lively discussion with two practitioners who are familiar with this oft cited but widely misunderstood area of law.

Independent Contractors vs. Employees

**The Complimentary Download is Available to all ABA Members**

About the Program:
Misclassifying workers as independent contractors, when in fact they should be employees, can have a drastic impact on a business, large or small. This expert panel discusses the ins and outs of the independent contractor vs. employee distinction, best practices to avoid litigation, and recent trends in the field.

Articles and Newsletters

YLD Labor and Employment Law Newsletter, Fall 2013

YLD Labor and Employment Law Winter Newsletter

The 101 Practice Series: Breaking Down the Basics The practice series is an online resource for new lawyers covering basic training in both substantive and practical aspects of a law practice. With over 170 quick tips and tools, this series is an essential resource for lawyers in their first three years of practice and is exclusively available to ABA members.

Interested in writing an article?

If so, we would love to hear from you! 101 articles are geared toward new lawyers and should cover general topics and include snapshot tips in law and practice. 201 articles are designed for those who already have a baseline of knowledge in the relevant field. The articles should be drafted to deliver specific, practical information in an easy-to-read format that maintains a professional presentation, as opposed to articles you might submit to law reviews, scholarly journals, or magazines. The writing should be clear and concise, using common words and generally short sentences in short paragraphs to communicate practical information. When feasible, you should write in the active voice and include tips, lists, bullet points, examples, good quotes, lively writing, and other techniques to facilitate the readers' grasp of information. In general, articles follow the Chicago Manual of Style, 15th edition, and Webster's 11th edition. Most articles are fewer than 300 words; the longest features are approximately 600 words.

If you are interested in writing a more substantive article, we would be happy to discuss the option of writing an article for one of the Section of Labor & Employment Law's publications.

For more information email Gina Moshiri.

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Young L&E Lawyer Profile: Kalpana Kotagal

Kalpana Kotagal is a member of the ABA Section of Labor & Employment Law Committee and partner at Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC in Washington D.C., practicing in the area of Labor & Employment law. When asked about her work with the ABA, Section of Labor & Employment Law, and as a labor and employment lawyer, she had the following to say:

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