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Law Practice Division: Attorney Well-Being Committee

Law Practice Division:
Attorney Well-Being Committee

Who We Are

Our Mission: To provide support and leadership that helps legal professionals and organizations thrive and function optimally. The Committee provides resources, education, and leadership in areas such as career satisfaction, well-being, addiction, resilience, engagement, and many other quality of life and quality of career issues.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Provide a forum for discussion of the often difficult struggle to manage the demands of career, family, personal, and societal obligations.
  2. Identify, develop and offer resources that assist legal professionals and organizations in flourishing. Resources shall include educational tools, events, and recommended model practices that assist attorneys in professional growth and achieving professional excellence without sacrificing their well-being or personal lives.
  3. Utilize the Law Practice Division website, publications, and other avenues of communication to provide resources relevant to enabling legal professionals and organizations to thrive.
  4. Coordinate with other ABA entities with similar goals and support professional development programs committed to providing support for lawyers.

More About Us: Subcommittees

The Attorney Well-Being Committee (AWBC) is devoted to exploring and providing practical strategies to enable legal professionals to thrive. To get started, we've created four subcommittees:

Law Practice Management: Exploring all aspects of leadership and management that influence well-being and success, including engagement, meaningful work, work-life balance, strengths-oriented management, optimal performance management, etc.

Physical & Psychological Health: Helping lawyers feel strong and healthy, including the importance of good health habits (exercise, nutrition, sleep) and psychological thriving (addressing depression, anxiety, and burnout, enhancing mental wellness).

Substance Abuse & Addiction: Investigating underlying explanations for the prevalence of substance abuse and addiction in the legal profession, raising awareness, and recommending strategies to address the issues.

Law Students & Young Professionals: Investigating obstacles to thriving for law students and young professionals and providing strategies for improving well-being.

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