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Energy and Environmental Markets and Finance Committee - Newsletter Archive

Vol. 1, No. 3 - August 2010

In this issue:

Message from the CTEF Committee Chairs
C. Baird Brown and Michael J. Zimmer …1

Securing a Role for Forest Offsets in a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Market: A Discussion of Legal Approaches to Help Address Permanence and Related Issues
Michelle Passero…3

Emerging Legal Issues in the Field of Carbon Capture and Sequestration
Chris M. Carron and Bradley A. Ennis …8

Summary of the June 7, 2010, Quick Teleconference Entitled “The Current State of Carbon Trading”
Christina M. Iafe…14

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Vol. 1, No. 2 - April 2010

In this issue:

Message from the Co-Chairs
Roger D. Feldman and Lyle D. Larson…1

Energy Market Oversight: Are More Changes on the Way?
Jeff Dennis…2

Tax Issues Associated with Carbon Trading Assets and the Impact of Proposed Legislation
Elias B. Hinckley, Charles K. Kolstad, and Jessica R. Lubar…8

The Canadian Implications of U.S. Climate Change Regulation
Jason Kroft and Ruth Elnekave…12

DOE Rolls Out the FIPP Model
David Sofge…17

A Proposal for a Cap-and-Trade and Global Carbon Levy Instrument
Peter Safirstein, Zen Makuch, and Daniel Morrell…20

Cooperative Federalism and Green Infrastructure Development Quick Teleconference (QT) Kicks off the New Year
Roger D. Stark…27

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Vol. 1, No. 1 - January 2010

In this issue:

Message from the Co-Chairs
Roger D. Feldman and Lyle D. Larson…1

International Offsets in the Context of U.S. Climate Legislation
Thiago Chagas, Charlotte Streck, and Moritz von Unger…1

Climate Change and Cooperative Federalism: Federal Preemption of State Cap-and-Trade Programs
Keith M. Casto…7

Emissions Trading and Climate Change: Reporting Obligations
Jeffrey Elliott…13

FERC’S Unique Ability to Oversee the Urgently Needed Expansion of the Electric Transmission Grid
James H. McGrew…18

Highlights from the Seminar Economic Stimulus: The Next Fiscal Year for Renewables
Brandon N. Robinson…22

Notes from the Editor: The Successful Launch of Five New Focus Area Subcommittees
Kimberly E. Diamond…26

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