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Special Committee on Nuclear Power

2010-2011 Committee Chair:

Tyson R. Smith, Winston & Strawn LLP, San Francisco, CA

Message from the Chair

The Special Committee on Nuclear Power is in its sophomore year. We’re excited about the Section’s commitment to nuclear law, and the vital intersection between nuclear energy and its environmental impacts.

This year, we hope to focus on the policy and politics behind the nation’s renewed interest in alternative baseload energy, emphasizing the role that energy and environmental lawyers must play. We have a lot of opportunities for discussion with the Waxman-Markey and Senate Climate Change bills. In addition, we have opportunities to grow our practices, as the new Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chair seeks to increase the depth of environmental reviews throughout the fuel cycle.

The Committee’s vice-chairs represent much of the spectrum of diverse backgrounds seen in attorneys working in this field. The vice-chairs include three private practitioners, federal regulators, a state regulator, and an in-house counsel. The topics likely to engage the Committee are just as diverse and range from uranium mining and spent fuel storage, to cooling water intake structures, to administrative process and procedure, to state-federal relations and preemption.

The Committee intends to be an active participant in the Section’s work, especially through newsletter publication and program sponsorship. We also encourage you to keep us abreast of developments in your practice, and assist us in keeping the pages of this website full of useful information.

Tyson Smith

About Committee

The Special Committee on Nuclear Power is new to the Section this year. The creation of this new committee parallels the renewed interest in nuclear power that has arisen with the world’s focus on climate change and with the development of new nuclear generating technologies. It is an exciting opportunity to help create a new committee within the Section’s already vibrant structure, and the vice-chairs and I look forward to providing information to the Section membership that can enliven the never-dull discussion around this topic.

Committee Resource

The Clean Air Act Handbook, Second Edition The Clean Air Act Handbook, Second Edition

The updated and expanded edition of The Clean Air Act Handbook is a current guide to one of the most complicated and extensive pieces of environmental legislation ever written. This thoughtful, well-written analysis of the Clean Air Act is comprehensive in scope, providing detailed coverage not only of the statute, but also a careful examination of the EPA's implementing regulations and policy guidance.


Tyson R. Smith

Vice Chairs:
Committee Newsletters
Tison A. Campbell

Kelli M. Dowell

Jonathan M. Rund

Public Service
Robert H. Fitzgerald


The Year in Review
Brooke D. Poole

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