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Pesticides, Chemical Regulation, and Right-to-Know Committee - Newsletter Archive

Vol. 12, No. 1 - November 2010

In this issue:

From the Chair
Charles L. Franklin…1

EPA's Plans to Modify TSCA Inventory Update Reporting (IUR)
Irene Hantman…3

EPA's Threats to Use Misbranding Actions to Enforce Risk Mitigation: A Case In Point
Lawrence E. Culleen…6

Proposed EU Biocidal Products Regulation Is Working Its Way Through the European
Herbert Estreicher and Marcus Navin-Jones…7

Summary and Comparison of House and Senate TSCA Legislative Efforts
Lynn L. Bergeson…9

Nano: Size Matters for Metals
Joel Davidson…15

California Releases Proposed Regulations for Safer Consumer Products
Lynn L. Bergeson…17

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Vol. 11, No. 3 - June 2010

In this issue:

From the Chair
Mark N. Duvall…1

Trade Secrets in Chemical and Pesticides Law: Right-to-Know Meets Right-to-Innovate
Charles L. Franklin…2

Update on California’s Carbon Nanotubes Data Call-In Requirements
Lawrence E. Culleen and Leigh Logan…3

Summary and Comparison of the TSCA Reform Legislation
Lynn L. Bergeson, Charles M. Auer, and James V. Aidala…5

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Vol. 11, No. 2 - March 2010

In this issue:

From the Chair
Mark N. Duvall…1

The Proper Study of Mankind Is Man . . . or Is It?
Julie E. Goodman, Ph.D., DABT…2

TSCA Reform: Two Congressional Hearings Consider Modernization
Lawrence E. Culleen and Leigh Logan…3

New EU Regulation on Cosmetic Products Entered into Force on January 11, 2010, with Special Attention Given to Nanomaterials
Herb Estreicher, Martha Marrapese, Rachida Semail, and Leticia Lizardo…7

EPA Announces Action Plans for Existing Chemicals
Lynn L. Bergeson…12

CDC Tells What’s in Us, But Not Whether We Should Be Worried—Issues Its Fourth National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals
Mark N. Duvall and Russell N. Fraker…19

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Vol. 11, No. 1 - December 2009

In this issue:

From the Chair
Mark N. Duvall…1

EPA Initiates Rulemaking to Disclose Inert Ingredients in Pesticides Products
Lawrence E. Culleen and Leigh Logan…2

ECHA Publishes Guidance on Classification, Labeling, and Packaging Regulations
Lawrence E. Culleen and Leigh Logan…3

EPA Announces Principles for TSCA Reform
Lynn L. Bergeson…4

As TSCA Reform Gets Its Moment in the Sun, Will It Brighten or Cloud Prospects for a Green Economy?
Charles L. Franklin…7

EPA Proposes Additional Limitations on OP Pesticides to Protect Salmon and Steelhead in the Pacific Northwest
Joy C. Fuhr…9

EPA Does the Nano “Waltz” (Issues, Then Withdraws, Then Proposes TSCA Rules for Nanoscale Substances)
Lawrence E. Culleen and Leigh Logan…11

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Vol. 10, No. 4 - June 2009

In this issue:

Chemical Regulation and Management—An Industry Perspective
Judah Prero…1

EPA Reinstates Stricter TRI Requirements
Lawrence E. Culleen and Leigh Logan…3

EPA Updates IRIS Process, Again
Lynn L. Bergeson…4

From the Chair
Mark N. Duvall…7

EPA Plans to List Antimicrobial Testing Program Results On Web Site
Lawrence E. Culleen and Leigh Logan…8

2010 Budget Includes Increases for Chemical and Pesticide Control—But Are They Enough?
Charles L. Franklin…9

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Vol. 10, No. 3 - March 2009

In this issue:

Pesticide and Chemical Policy in 2009: Fasten Your Seatbelts
Charles L. Franklin and Kenneth W. Weinstein…1

From the Chair
Mark N. Duvall…3

A Legacy of Liberty and Million Tree Initiative: 2009 Public Service Opportunities
Patricia L. Sims…4

EPA Solicits Feedback for ChAMP Enhancements
Lawrence E. Culleen and Leigh Logan…6

The Classification, Labeling, and Packaging Regulation—GHS Finally Arrives in the EU
Herb Estreicher and Anne-Laure Saint-Girons…9

North American Nanotech Developments
Lynn L. Bergeson…12

Reauthorizing the National Nanotechnology Initiative: Small Solutions for Big Problems
Charles L. Franklin…16

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Vol. 10, No. 2, November 2008

In this issue:

From the Chair
Mark N. Duvall…1

Committee Membership Update
Charles L. Franklin…2

The Birth, Progress, and Future of a ChAMP?
Lawrence E. Culleen and Leigh Logan…3

Consortium of NGOs Releases REACH SIN List
Lynn L. Bergeson…5

EPA Continues to Flex Its TSCA Section 8 Authority
Lawrence E. Culleen and Leigh Logan…7

California’s Green Chemistry Law
Margaret A. Hill and Heather L. Demirjian…9

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Vol. 10, No. 1 - September 2008

In this issue:

From the Chair
Mark Duvall…1

FTC Takes a Fresh Look at Environmental Marketing
Charles L. Franklin…4

REACH: European Chemicals Agency Proposes Revisions to the Registration Guidance
Ira Dassa…6

DOI Proposes Changes to Endangered Species Act Consultation Process
Lynn L. Bergeson…8

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Vol. 9, No. 2 - February 2008

From the Chair
Lynn L. Bergeson…1

Does TSCA § 8(e) Reporting Apply to Candidate Pesticides?
Kenneth Weinstein…2

Department of Homeland Security Publishes Final List of Chemicals of Interest for Purposes of the Chemical Facility Anti-terrorism Standards
Meetu Kaul and Lawrence Culleen…3

REACH and Pesticides: What U.S. Exporters May Not Realize
Lynn L. Bergeson, Ira Dassa, and Steven Green…7

2008 Outlook for Chemicals and Pesticides
Lynn L. Bergeson and James V. Aidala…11

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Vol. 9, No. 1 - November 2007

From the Chair
Lynn L. Bergeson…1

The “Long Arm” of TSCA Section 8
Lawrence E. Culleen and Rebecca B. Green…3

EPA Clarifies Regulation of Ion-Generating Equipment
Lawrence E. Culleen and Allison Carroll…6

How Long is REACH’s Grasp—Implications for U.S. Companies
Lawrence E. Culleen and Allison Carroll…7

The Legacy of Starlink Corn and Lessons for the Next Generation of Engineered Materials
Sean Sullivan…10

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Vol. 8, No. 3 - August 2007

From the Chair
Lynn L. Bergeson…1

Recent Clarification of APHIS Policy Toward GE Plant Material
Lawrence E. Culleen and Allison Carroll…3

EPA Solicits Public Comments on Proposed Enhancement to Self-Audit Policy
Lawrence E. Culleen and Allison Carroll…4

EPA Issues Draft NMSP Concept Paper and TSCA Inventory Paper
Lynn L. Bergeson…6

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Vol. 8, No. 2 - June 2007

From the Chair
Lynn L. Bergeson…1

ESA and FIFRA: An Ongoing Tale of Two Federal Statutes at Cross Purposes
James Chen and Natalia Medley…3

State and Local Governments Step into Toxics Regulation
Lynn L. Bergeson…8

Current Public Service Opportunities
Patricia L. Sims…10

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Vol. 8, No. 1 - January 2007

From the Chair
Lynn L. Bergeson…1

Nanomaterials—They May Be New, But Are They New Chemicals for TSCA Purposes?
Mark Duvall…3

Bates at One Year: An Effective Resolution to FIFRA Preemption?
James Chen and Ashley Rivera…6

EPA Advances Voluntary Nanoscale Materials Stewardship Program
Lynn L. Bergeson…9

Prospects for Chemical Management Reform in 110th Congress
Malcolm D. Woolf…10

U.S. Implementation of the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals
Lawrence E. Culleen and Joseph Kakesh…12

REACH: Preparing for Implementation
Lawrence E. Culleen, Niels Ersboell and Susan Hinchliffe…15

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Vol. 7, No. 2 - August 2006

Chairperson’s Corner
Lawrence E. Culleen…1

REACH is Coming Soon
Cyril Jacquet and Herb Estreicher…2

TSCA—Poised for New Directions in the United States or Has Floria Sung Her Last?
James Chen and Ty Carson…4

The Importance of Evaluating Information Acquired in Litigation for Regulatory Reporting Purposes
Lawrence E. Culleen…7

Update on Section Nano Project
Lynn L. Bergeson…9

2006 Public Service Task Force Project: 14th Section Fall Meeting…11

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Vol. 7, No. 1 - February 2006

Chairperson’s Corner
Lawrence Culleen…1

Enzymes and Other Products of Biotechnology in the United States in 2005 Will Ring in an Active 2006
Martha Marrapese, Esq. and David Joy, Esq….2

Is REACH Still Beyond the EU’s Grasp?
Lawrence Culleen and Susan Hinchliffe…6

The Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Act: The Next Step in Protection?
Susan R. McAuliffe…7

EPA’s NPPTAC Recommends Framework for Voluntary Nanomaterials Program
Lynn L. Bergeson…9

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Vol. 6, No. 3 - April 2005

Chairperson's Corner
Lawrence E. Culleen…1

Earth Day/Law Day Observances
Patricia L. Sims…1

Amendments to the DEA Regulations Concerning the Controlled Substances Act and Mixtures Containing Listed Chemicals
Lawrence E. Culleen…5

Clarified DOT Regulations Regarding Applicability of the Hazardous Materials Regulations to Loading, Unloading and Storage
Lawrence E. Culleen.…7

Should EPA Implement the GHS for Pesticide Products?
Michael T. Novak.…8

Nanotechnology and TSCA
Lynn L. Bergeson.…11

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Vol. 6, No. 2 - February 2005

Chairperson's Corner
Lawrence Culleen…1

Tending the Fields: State and Federal Roles in the Oversight of Genetically Modified Crops (Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology, December 2004)
Lawrence Culleen…1

A Growing Concern: Protecting the Food Supply in an Era of Pharmaceutical and Industrial Crops (Union of Concerned Scientists, December 2004)
Lawrence Culleen…3

New Grounds in Toxic Substances Control Act Section 8(E) Reporting?
Lynn L. Bergeson and Lisa R. Burchi.…4

Supreme Court Hears FIFRA Preemption Case
Ken Weinstein.…1

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Vol. 6, No. 1 - November 2004

Chairperson's Corner
Lawrence Culleen…1

Endangered Species Act Cases Proliferate Raising Concerns of Intrusion on EPA's Primary Jurisdiction
Ken Weinstein, Janice M. Schneider and Elizabeth Kronk…2

Get Ready for the Expanded IUR!
John R. Wheeler…5

ANSI Establishes Nanotechnology Standards Panel
Lynn L. Bergeson.…7

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Vol. 5, No. 3 - July 2004

Letter from the Chair
Kipp Coddington…1

Public Service Opportunities
Pat Sims…2

The Converging Technologies Bar Association
Sonia Miller…5

Trends and Developments in Antimicrobial Pesticide Enforcement
Lawrence Culleen.…6

Calendar of Section Events…8

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Vol. 5, No. 2 - March 2004

From the Chair
Kipp Coddington…1

EPA and FDA Sign MOU on R&D and Emergency Response Efforts for Homeland Security
Charles A. Cortinovis…3

Calendar of Section Events…4

Congress Passes Pesticide Fees Legislation
Lynn L. Bergeson.…5

New from ABA Publishing...8

Agricultural Pesticide Applications and the Clean Water Act Program
Kenneth W. Weinstein and Claudia M. O'Brien…10

Eastern Water Resources: Law, Policy and Technology…12

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Vol. 5, No. 1 - October 2003

From the Chair
Kipp Coddington…1

EPA's Role in the Regulation of Antimicrobial Pesticides in the United States
Frank T. Sanders…3

EPA's Ongoing Antimicrobial Efficacy Testing Program
Lawrence E. Culleen…9

It's Time to Change EPA's Treated Article Exemption
Michael T. Novak, Esq.…11

Over-Reaching in the Regulatory Arena: Europe Tackles Chemicals
Michael P. Walls…12

Want to Get Wet and Dirty? Join Our Public Service Effort!
Alexandra Dapolito Dunn…14

New from ABA Publishing…16

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Vol. 4, No. 3 - June 2003

Letter from the Chair
Kipp Coddington

EU Reaches for Stringent Chemicals Regulation
Herbert Estreicher and Candido Garcia Molyneux

How Will EPA Implement Data Compensation for Food-Use Inert Ingredients
Lawrence E. Culleen

Endangered Species Act Compliance Results in a Rapidly Changing Landscape for Pesticide Regulation
Ken Weinstein and Janice M. Schneider

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Vol. 4, No. 2 - February 2003

Letter from the Chair
Kipp Coddington

Data Qualtiy Act Teleconference
Kipp Coddington

California’s Data Reliance Rules in Litigation
James P. Rathvon

“Hot Topics” from the Pesticides, Chemical Regulation, and Right-to-Know Committee Meeting
Eileen Salathé Gernhard

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Vol. 4, No. 1 - November 2002

Message from the Chair
Kipp Coddington

EPA and States Updating FIFRA Enforcement Tactics to Counter e-Commerce
Lawrence E. Culleen

Bioterrorism: A Federal Regulatory Response
Robert S. McLaughlin

Developing First Amendment Protections for Pesticide Brand Names,
Label Statements and Product Claims
Telisport Putsavage

EPA Begins Promised Process for Evaluating Use of Human Data
Lisa M. Campbell

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Vol. 3, No. 2 - May 2002

Estimating Chemical Exposure
Theron Blickenstaff

Beyond the Frontiers of Science: the Food Quality Protection Act and Cumulative Risk Assessment
Ken Weinstein, Nicholas Gertler, and Chris Wilkinson

Federal Court Holds That FIFRA Data Compensation Arbitration Awards Are Judicially Enforceable and Confirms Arbitration Award Applying Per Capita Sharing of Data Costs
Harold Himmelman, Kathryn E. Szmuszkovicz and James B. Slaughter

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Vol. 3, No. 1 - November 2001

Right to Know in Times of War
Kip Coddington

Committee Co-sponsors 9th Section Fall Meeting Panel: Rules Versus Guidances
Ken Weinstein

Starlink's Lessons Learned: Past, Present, and Future
Thomas P. Redick

California's Proposition 65 Regulatory and Statutory Reform Initiative
Richard P. Bozof

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Vol. 2, No. 2 - April 2001

April 2001 Pesticides Subcommittee Meeting Provides an Update on Pesticides and Water Issues, Pesticides adn Toxics under the Whitman/Bush Administration and FQPA Litigation Update
Cara Jablon

Beware of "Absolutes": "Absolute" or "Total" Pollution Exclusions Should Not Bar Insurance Coverage of Product Claims Against Pesticide Manufacturers
Lorelie S. Masters and John H. Kazanjian

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Vol. 1, No. 2 - February 2000

Pesticides, Chemical Regulation, and Right-to-Know Committee Newsletter
Includes Pesticides Data Rights, and Update on FQPA Litigation

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Vol. 1, No. 1 - October 1999

Includes Industry and Agricultural Groups File Suit on FQPA Implementation, EPA Pushes Forward with Children’s Health Chemical Testing Program, Recent Developments in FIFRA Preemption on Pesticide Tort Claims, and The Report on Carcinogens Program

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