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American Bar Association Energy and Resources Committees

Renewable, Alternative, and Distributed Energy Resources Committee

2010-2011 Committee Chair:

Roger D. Feldman, Andrews Kurth LLP, Washington, DC

Wave Energy in the U.S. Today: How Technology, Academia, Regulations, and Policies are Shaping the Industry

Quick Teleconference
Tuesday, February 1, 2011

12:00 p.m. – 1:15 p.m. Eastern Time / 11:00 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. Central Time
10:00 a.m. – 11:15 a.m. Mountain Time / 9:00 a.m. – 10:15 a.m. Pacific Time

This Quick Teleconference will provide a general overview of the wave energy industry and will appeal to anyone who has an interest in learning more about issues impacting domestic wave energy development. The experts on this panel will address the intersection of technology, academia, and permitting, regulatory, policy, and legal issues involving the Department of Energy (“DOE”) and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation, and Enforcement (“BOEMRE”), as well as unique challenges facing the wave industry. (more)

About the Committee

The Renewable, Alternative, and Distributed Energy Resources (formerly known as the Renewable and Distributed Energy Resources Committee) will examine and disseminate information on those legal policy and practical implementation issues which affect expansion of markets for renewable and distributed energy resources. The Committee will have five primary areas of focus: (1) innovative approaches to stimulating renewable and distributed energy resource development; (2) measures for commoditization and value maximization of fuel, environment and tax-related legal attributes of renewable energy and distributed generation production; (3) constraints on fitting renewable resources and distributed generation (whether or not powered by renewable fuels) into the framework of national and states’ energy policy; (4) relating renewable energy resource and distributed generation development to environmental legal requirements; and (5) issues related to structuring finance for renewable energy and distributed generation.

JOIN the Renewable, Alternative, and Distributed Energy Resources Committee!
Our Committee's interests span incentives to stimulate development; legal attributes of renewable energy and distributed generation production; techniques for addressing regulatory constraints; synergies with environmental legal requirements; and practical financial structures. The Committee wants to be both a window on developments and to provide opportunities to foster new initiatives.

Our Committee Serves the Needs of:

  • Energy and Environmental Lawyers
  • Project and Venture Finance Attorneys
  • Business in the field
  • Government Policymakers
  • Academics and NGO’s
  • Consultants and engineers

The overriding purposes of the Committee are to examine and disseminate information on those legal policy and practical implementation issues that affect expansion of markets for renewable energy resources and energy efficiency.

We hope you will join the Committee and help us expand our reach and capabilities. We look to you for suggestions as to how we can even more effectively accomplish our goals.

To get involved or share your ideas contact Roger D. Feldman.

Committee Projects for 2007-2008

Best Practices for local governments
Last year the Committee worked on examining and identifying outstanding examples of local legislation, policies, programs and rules that would facilitate the development of renewable energy, energy efficiency, biofuels and related clean energy technologies (collectively “renewables”). Many states have already mandated minimum renewable generation requirements and provide economic incentives for renewables. Over 600 mayors have signed onto the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement. This work is continuing and is being supplemented by an examination of how local comprehensive plans can be crafted to address energy issues. We envision a user-friendly, web-based resource that state, municipal and county leaders can use to develop strategies to promote renewables, and that provides information about laws and regulations to eliminate barriers to renewables development.  It is the Committees’ hope that the development of such a centralized body of the best models will make it easier for local governments all over the country to take action. To get involved in the development of the project contact Baird Brown, or Michael Zimmer.

Renewable Energy Credit Contract and Emissions Reduction Purchase Agreement
The committee is pleased to announce that it has released a Master Renewable Energy Certificate ( REC) Purchase and Sale Agreement. This Agreement is the product of an ad hoc working group of the Renewable Energy Resources Committee and the Special Committee on Energy and Environmental Finance, the Environmental Markets Association (EMA) and the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE). With the growth of the carbon market, the committee has formed a working group to draft a parallel master Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement (ERPA) for verified emission reductions. These projects were initiated as an effort to provide a foundation for the standardization and ultimate harmonization of the various REC and VER trading markets in the U.S. The effort to develop a contract for trading that can be used within and among the various U.S. markets is intended to reduce the transaction costs of REC and VER trading while providing all parties a common framework upon which to transact trades. This effort is seen as one step toward creating a more liquid market for RECs and VERs. By making these contracts available, no legal advice is being offered, and all users are urged to consult with their own legal counsel to ensure that their commercial objectives will be achieved and legal interests protected. To learn more about these projects contact Richard Saines, or Jeremy Weinstein or Roger Feldman.

Monthly Brown Bag/Teleconferences
The committee’s collaboration with the American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE) on the highly successful series of monthly brownbags/teleconferences launched by the committee three years ago provides a forum for the examination of a host of issues that impact the development of renewables such as renewable energy credits, renewable portfolio standards, transaction finance structures, Federal and State tax policy interplay, wind and solar development, national and state energy policies, green buildings, distributed generation, international perspectives and more. This series which draws a crowd of 300-700 participants monthly at 28 host firms around the country and through teleconferencing capability is of great utility to a broad cross section of market participants including lawyers, government representatives, businessmen, consultants and not-for profit organizations and academics. To learn more about these programs contact Michael Zimmer.

Renewable Energy Links Listing

A comprehensive listing of renewable energy links have been added to the Renewable, Alternative, and Distributed Energy Resources Committee's Web site. These valuable links can assist you in locating incentives, identifying government policies and programs that promote renewables, learning more about specific technologies, and understanding the links between renewable energy and environmental benefits. View them today!


Roger D. Feldman

Vice Chairs:
ACORE/ABA Teleconferences
Robert F. Riley

Adam Sauerwein

Michael W. Wise

Communications, Publications
Andrew S. Ratzkin

Communications, Technology
Julia R. Pettit

Communications, The Year in Review
Sarah A.W. Fitts

Maria N. Vanko

Liaison and Membership, Institutional Outreach
Scott Sklar

Liaison and Membership, Membership
Julia R. Pettit

Liaison and Membership, Public Service
Montina Cole

Liaison and Membership, Public Service, Student Outreach
K.K. DuVivier

Program Organizers
Keith Casto

Programs and Policy, Policy (Renewable Markets)
Michael J. Zimmer

Programs and Policy, Policy (Renewable Resources)
Kimberly E. Diamond

Programs and Policy, Programs
Girard P. Miller

Programs and Policy, Programs, Deputy Chair for Special Issue
Group Program Coordination and Intersectional Relations
Roger D. Stark

Special Issues, Energy Efficiency/Storage/Transportation
Robert F. Riley

Special Issues, Environment and Biomass
Laurie Ristino

Special Issues, Innovative Infrastructure Finance
C. Baird Brown

Steven Klein

Special Issues, Renewable Markets/Standard Contracts
Christopher B. Berendt

Jeremy D. Weinstein

At Large
John C. Lorentzen

Edna R. Sussman

At Large, Private Sector Liaison
Michael Eckhart

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