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Family Law CLE Materials (Recent Conferences/Teleconferences)

Did you miss a Section of Family Law CLE program? If so, you can order the complete course materials for CLE Conferences and Teleconferences in a bound compendium or on cd. Order through the ABA Web Store by clicking the Product Codes or call the ABA Service Center at 800-285-2221 and reference the product code listed. Materials not listed are no longer available. (Clicking on the location links for some conferences will bring up a table of contents.)

Want the audio recordings from our CLE Conferences? Visit Convention Media or use the links below to order specific products today!

You can also take a look at our Trial Advocacy Institute page to learn more about it.

CLE Conferences

CLE Conference Product Type Product Code Location/Website
Fall 2010 CD
Fort Worth, TX  Visit the website
Annual 2010

"Representing the Lawyer in a Divorce"

"Top Ten Strategies for Taking Your Family Law Practice to the Next Level"

Downloadable PDF

San Francisco, CA  Visit the website
Spring 2010 CD
Audio Recordings
(Convention Media)
New Orleans, LA  Visit the website
40-Hour Family Mediation Training No materials available Boston, MA  Visit the website
Fall 2009 CD
Montreal, QC, Canada  Visit the website
Annual 2009 Download Hot Tips from the Annual Meeting website (link at right) Chicago, IL  Visit the website
Spring 2009 CD
ART Compendium
Audio Recordings
(Convention Media)
Baltimore, MD  Visit the website
Fall 2008 CD
Audio Recordings
(Convention Media)
Scottsdale, AZ  Visit the website
Annual 2008 Book 5130161 New York, NY  Visit the website
Spring 2008
(Joint ABA-APA Conference)
Audio Recordings
(Convention Media)
Chicago, IL  Visit the website
Fall 2007 CD
Audio Recordings
(Convention Media)
Memphis, TN  Visit the website
Spring 2007 Book
Audio Recordings
(Convention Media)
Monterey, CA  Visit the website
Fall 2006 Audio Recordings (Convention Media) Santa Fe, NM


Title Faculty Product Code Course Date
Lawyer Websites: Ethical Traps and How to Avoid Them George Kuhlman
Robert A. Creamer
Susan R. Martyn
CET10LWEC November 2010
This Old House: Protecting Your Client's Interest in What Can Be the Most Valuable and Least Understood Asset in Divorce Robert Maddox
Kelly Lise Murray
CET10THEC October 2010
Divorce: Taking the "Family" Out of the Family Business Lyne Ranson
Jan Keefer
Jerry Randall
CET10DTTC June 2010
Jurisdiction, Venue and Choice of Law: What Every Family Lawyer Should Know Joseph Booth
Kathleen Hogan
CET10JVCC May 2010
Bankruptcy and Marital Debts: Is It Enforceable or Dischargeable? Diane Brazen Gordon
Barry Mukamal
Karl Topor
CET10BMDC March 2010
Evidence for Family Lawyers Brian Karpf
Christopher Melcher
Susan Moss
CET10EFLC February 2010
Divorce Taxation: 5 Must-Know Topics for Divorce Attorneys Scott M. Mann
Michelle F. Gallagher
Donald Read
CET10DTFC January 2010
"The Love Bug" and Other Ethical Issues Arising from the Use of Technological Tools Lewis Becker
Bryna Klevan
Jonathan E. Von Kohorn
CET09TLBC November 2009
Getting Paid for the Work You Do: How to Increase Your Income from Domestic Relations Cases Mark Chinn
Mary Ellen Flynn
Noel K. Tucker
CET09GPFC November 2009
Ten Ways That Attorneys Kill Their Own Experts Michael Kaplan
Carlton R. Marcyan
Peter M. Walzer
CET09TWTC September 2009
How to Develop an Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Practice Elizabeth Swire Falker
Steven H. Snyder
Julie Tavoso
CET09HTDC September 2009
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Assets—Forensic Accounting Techniques & Methodologies Tom Burrage
Darrell Dorrell
Sandra Morgan Little
CET09CTHC July 2009
Down and Out in Beverly Hills: How Current Economic Issues Impact Divorce Mark S. Carlin
Donald A. Glenn
Margie Hofberg
CET09DOIC June 2009
Til Death, Divorce, or Deportation Do Us Part: When Immigration and Family Law Issues Intersect Howard R. Brill
Eric M. Fish
Nissa Ricafort
CET09IFLC May 2009
What Every Family Law Attorney Needs to Know About Personal Financial Planning in Divorce Cynthia Rubin
Theodore J. Sarenski
Michael E. Goodman
CET09WEFC April 2009
Billing Pitfalls: How to Avoid the Ethical Quagmires Mark Chinn
Lori Nelson
Chaim Steinberger
CET08AEQC December 2008
No Time Like the Present: Parenting Plans for Any and Every Age Child Diana Mercer
Ronald Nelson
Marsha Kline Pruett
CET08PPCC November 2008
Double Dipping in Divorce Stacy Preston Collins
Donald J. DeGrazia
Anita M. Ventrelli
Jonathan Wolfe
CET08DDDC September 2008
Removal of Children from Their Parents:
The Tightrope of Family Integrity vs. Protection
Mary Clark
Donald Duquette
Ann Haralambie
Lenore Knudtson
CET08FIPC July 2008
Communication Ethics in Child Custody Cases Anne Marie Jackson
Peter Lineberger
Sheryl Shaughnessey
CET08CCCC June 2008

All teleconferences are 1.5 hours in CD format and include course materials.

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