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American Bar Association

ABA Section of Individual Rights and Responsibilities

Annual Meeting 2005


The American Bar Association
Section of Individual Rights and Responsibilities

Presents This


To The


For its exemplary leadership in protecting and advancing the right to quality, affordable health care for all people and in promoting bioethical and human rights standards in medical and public health practice by educating the legal profession, and developing, implementing and disseminating policies to ensure that health care delivery systems respect individual health care choices and are responsive to individual health care needs, contributing vitally to the American Bar Association’s health law policies, and furthering the Section’s mission of providing leadership to the legal profession in protecting and advancing human rights, civil liberties, and social justice. The Committee’s work has included:

  • Initiating important ABA health rights policies advocating patients’ rights to privacy and to receive from health care providers all relevant and necessary information they need to make fully informed health care decisions and information with respect to medically appropriate care ;
  • Advancing the pursuit of scientific knowledge and the general health and well-being for all through the drafting and implementing of ABA policies supporting scientific research conducted for therapeutic purposes and opposing any governmental actions that would prohibit such research or penalize those that participate in such research;
  • Developing ABA policies protecting the rights of any live-born human clones by supporting law and policy that establishes a presumption that a live-born human clone is legally a separate, distinct, and legal person.
  • Educating ABA members, the wider bar, and the general public about health rights and bioethics issues through programs and publications, most recently in the fall 2004 and summer 2003 issues of the award-winning Human Rights magazine, which address issues surrounding: HIV/AIDS, the ethical implications and benefits of biomedical research, and end of life care;
  • Fostering strong Committee growth and member involvement through recruiting activities, Continuing Legal Education programs, and public service.

It therefore is with great appreciation for the dedication of Committee members past and present, and with immense pride in the Committee’s record of achievement, that we present this award to the ABA Section of Individual Rights and Responsibilities’ Health Rights and Bioethics Committee and its 2004-05 officers, George J. Annas (Co-Chair), Susan B. Fogel (Co-Chair), Lourdes A. Rivera (Co-Chair), Sabrina T. Halloran (Vice Chair), Vernellia R. Randall (Vice Chair), and Marcy J. Wilder (Vice Chair), this 5th day of August 2005.


Stephen F. Hanlon
2004-05 Section Chair

Robert E. Stein
2004-05 Council Liaison

Robyn S. Shapiro
Special Advisor

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