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American Bar Association

ABA Section of Individual Rights and Responsibilities

2004 Midyear Meeting


At the 2004 ABA Midyear Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, the House of Delegates passed the following Section-sponsored resolutions:

#103A, enunciating policy that should govern the proper exercise of universal criminal jurisdiction and clarifies the right of a nation to preempt the exercise of such jurisdiction over one or more of its citizens or lawful residents accused of committing an international crime upon declaring its willingness to investigate the allegations and prosecute the accused in accordance with international human rights norms and standards.

#103B, urging the federal government to implement HIV/AIDS-initiatives in a manner consistent with international human rights law and science-based prevention, care, support and treatment objectives and endorses the United Nations Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS, dated June 2001.

#103C, supporting efforts of the National Tribal Steering Committee to address the inadequacy of health care for American Indians and Alaska Natives through the reauthorization of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act and urges Congress and the Executive Branch to address the various areas where health care for American Indians and Alaska Natives is deficient.

#103D, opposing any federal enactment that would restrict the ability of a state to: (a) prescribe the qualifications for civil marriage between two persons within its jurisdiction; or (b) determine when effect should be given to a civil marriage validly contracted between two persons under the laws of another jurisdiction.

In addition, the House of Delegates passed the following resolutions co-sponsored by the Section:

#8A, urging law enforcement agencies to videotape the entirety of custodial interrogations of crime suspects at police precincts, courthouses, detention centers and other places where suspects are held for questioning, or where videotaping is impractical, to audiotape the entirety of such interrogations and urges legislatures and/or courts to enact laws or rules of procedure for this requirement.

#106, supporting the creation of a United Nations Democracy Caucus within the United Nations (UN) framework to work towards the strengthening of democracy, human rights and the rule of law throughout the UN system.

#109, encouraging federal, state, territorial and local governments to adopt legislation that promotes school violence prevention education instruction, awareness training and programs for children, parents, teachers and school administrators and encourages lawyers to support school violence prevention education in schools and community settings.

#115, endorsing the revised Standards for the Establishment and Operation of Ombuds Offices, dated February 2004.

#116, urging adoption of laws and policies to address the complex problem presented by the large number of adults with mental illness and juveniles with mental or emotional illness or disorders who come into contact with the criminal and juvenile justice systems, and supports increased funding and financing for public mental health systems.

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