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CoLAP Committee - Judicial Assistance Initiative (JAI)

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National Helpline for Judges Helping Judges 1-800-219-6474
Judges who need assistance because of alcoholism, substance abuse, addiction or mental health issues may reach other judges, who are in recovery or who have gone through treatment, by calling a helpline sponsored by the American Bar Association. Judges who have volunteered to be a personal resource to other judges throughout the US and Canada are uniquely positioned to share their experiences, strengths and hope. Both judges in need of help and those interested in serving as a peer-to-peer volunteer should call 800-219-6474 during business hours Central time. All information is confidential and protected by statute.

Judges Helping Judges
CoLAPís Judicial Assistance Initiative has released Judges Helping Judges, a comprehensive publication to assist judges who may be depressed, chemically dependant, or have other mental health conditions that impair judicial performance. Click here to order a downloadable copy of Judges Helping Judges.

Updated: 11/18/2010

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