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Liberty Insurance Underwriters Inc.

Christopher Depuy
Liberty International Underwriters, Inc.
55 Water Street
18th Floor
New York, NY 10041
PH: 212/208-4157


States Where the Carrier Writes:
All states except Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi and Oregon.

Do you write professional insurance for judges:

# of Years Writing Legal Insurance:
Since 2000


Size Guidelines:
Writes firms 1 to 75, depending on the state.

Highest Available Limits of Liability:
$10 Million

Up to $250,000

Limits in Excess of Deductible:

Defense Costs Included in Limits:
Yes, varies by state, subject to underwriting review

Insured's Activities for Entity Not Covered by Policy:
Excludes claims arising from activities as officer, director, trustee, mgr. of other org, except as court-appointed trustee; public official; or fiduciary under ERISA under similar law, except if deemed fiduciary solely by reason of legal advice rendered.

Securities Exclusion:

Defense for Malicious Prosecution, Abuse of Process or Defamation:
Excludes adverse judgement or admission of such acts, but covers defense. In all states except WA, policy exclusion expressly inapplicable to indv who did not personally committ dishonest act but in such instance cov only in excess of named insured assets.

Prior Acts Coverage:
Yes, provided insured did not give notice of claim to prior insurer or did not have reasonable basis prior to policy period to believe covered wrongful act occurred or that claim would be made or the act is covered by prior policy unless liability limits.

Input Re: Selection of Counsel:
Subject to underwriting approval

Consent to Settle Provision:
Yes, but refusal to settle limits insurer's liability to its proposed settlement amount and expenses as of that time.

Coverage Available for:

Partners Leaving: Yes

Employed Attorneys Leaving: Yes

Part-time Legal Work: Yes

Non-practicing Lawyers: Yes, with conditions

Government: No

In-house: No

Updated: 02/12/2014

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