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ABA Business Law Pro Bono Project - Microfinance

About Microfinance

Business lawyers can be effective in providing assistance to organizations seeking to alleviate poverty throughout the world. Most often, business lawyers volunteer their time and skills in assisting donor-supported, non-profit, non-government organizations which supply loans and other basic financial services to the poor. These organizations have led the way in providing credit to the poor in developing countries. Access to credit has been shown to be an effective instrument for poverty reduction. A business lawyer providing free or low-cost legal services to a microfinance organization may have a profound effect on the welfare of a village across the globe.

Microfinance News (brought to you by Google)

Resources - U.S.

Blue Sky survey

U.S. Charitable solicitation surveys
          Registration, filing requirements
          Telemarketing rules

U.S. Nonprofit Tax Information

Regulatory Resources
          PATRIOT Act -- Anti-Money Laundering Requirements
          Export Administration Act/Office of Anti-Boycott Compliance
          Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

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Updated: 4/3/2007