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How Can The Clearinghouse Help Me?

If You Are A Pro Bono Program Manager

  • Recruitment ideas and analysis
  • Sample recognition methods
  • Sample program manuals and volunteer handbooks
  • Sample forms, including model retainer agreements, case tracking forms, etc.
  • Information about PAI activities
  • Ideas about involving specific groups of attorneys—government attorneys, corporate counsel, etc.—in your program
  • Ideas about working with law students

If You Are A Pro Bono State Support Director

  • Sample statewide pro bono plans
  • Delivery models
  • Methods to involve the judiciary
  • Suggestions for involving bar leaders in state pro bono planning

If You Are A Bar Leader

  • Speeches/articles regarding pro bono
  • Direct delivery program models
  • Pro bono recognition and awards
  • Model rules and policies to promote pro bono participation

If You Are A Government Attorney

  • Model pro bono policies
  • Solutions to common constraints and barriers to performing pro bono work
  • Recruiting and recognition ideas

If You Are A Law School Pro Bono Program Administrator

  • Information about law school pro bono program models
  • Sample pro bono program manuals
  • Sample awards and honors
  • Materials about the institutional benefits of a pro bono program

If You Are A Judge

  • Model court-based pro bono programs
  • Sample methods to encourage attorneys to engage in pro bono
  • Sample pro bono resolutions

If You Are A Corporate Counsel

  • Model pro bono policies
  • Ideas about the types of pro bono work available to corporate counsel
  • Model programs
  • Recruitment and recognition ideas
  • Solutions to common perceived barriers to engaging in pro bono work

Updated: 12/12/2006

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