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Subjects Contained In The Clearinghouse

The Clearinghouse contains a wide variety of documents pertaining to a broad range of pro bono-related topics. Documents are organized by subject matter in a two-tier system.

  • The first tier is a set of over 40 subject categories concerning pro bono delivery. These subject categories mostly focus on Lawyer/Volunteer Communities (i.e. large law firms, corporate legal department);

Pro Bono Program Management Activities (i.e. Funding, Recruiting, Retention, Operations).

Thus, documents relevant to your program likely can be found in several categories typically categories that describe the types of lawyers or clients you serve, and the types of activities you undertake. For example, a program that specializes in business law, may find examples of programs for business lawyers under the category of "Business and Community Economic Development" and find model forms under "Pro Bono Program Operations."

  • The second tier is a set of relevant subcategories within each major subject area. For example, under "Pro Bono Program Operations" are categories like: intake forms, eligibility procedures, etc.

The Clearinghouse INDEX provides a complete listing of all major categories and subcategories.


Updated: 12/13/2006

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