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The Impact of Family Law Cases on Pro Bono Programs

The ABA Center for Pro Bono recently completed a survey of the impact of family law cases on pro bono programs. The Center compiled the survey results and recommendations on how programs can bridge the gap between supply and demand for family law pro bono, in a report titled "The Impact of Family Law Cases on Pro Bono Programs".

The survey results point to some commonly recognized problems in managing and placing family law cases with pro bono attorneys. The report looks at ways that programs are addressing the supply and demand gap and recommendations for increasing capacity to handle pro bono family law cases.

The Center for Pro Bono will use the report to prompt a more active response to this growing problem, including the development of resources pertaining to meeting the needs of pro bono family law clients. As the first step of this process, the Center developed a workshop for the 2003 Equal Justice Conference which focused on how to develop the report's findings and recommendations into a more substantively useful tool for pro bono program managers.

We thank those of you who participated in the survey and the workshop at the 2003 Equal Justice Conference, and we encourage all of you to contribute to this important dialogue.

Read the Report (451 Kb)

Updated: 10/24/2006

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