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American Bar Association

Central European and Eurasian Law Initiative Pro Bono Activities

Liaison and Legal Specialist Program

Chairs: David Tolbert


Kamala Mohammed

Marie Strydom Ericson

LINK: http://www.abaceeli.org


The Liaison and Legal Specialist Program places volunteer attorneys in over 20 countries overseas to work on rule of law legal reform projects including judicial reform, bar development, environmental law, criminal law, gender issues, clinical legal education and legislative assistance.

Volunteers and Cases:

CEELI has approximately 60 volunteers on overseas assignments of 1 year or longer. Shorter-term assignments are also available, depending on program needs. In addition, there are about 25 legislative projects per year that use panels of approximately 15 volunteer attorneys to provide commentary and analysis of draft legislation from the region. Since inception in 1990, CEELI has involved over 5000 attorneys, judges, and law professors in pro bono projects.


CEELI Award Ambassador Award

Updated: 12/14/2006

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