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American Bar Association

Death Penalty Representation Project Pro Bono Activities

Death Penalty Representation Project

Chair: Pauline Weaver


Robin M. Maher, Esq.

202 662 1734


Michele Meitl, Esq.

202 662 1735






TThe ABA Death Penalty Representation Project works to address the lack of qualified and adequately compensated lawyers for those facing a sentence of death. As one of its primary goals, the Project seeks to expand the pool of lawyers willing to serve as pro bono counsel for death row inmates in post-conviction proceedings by recruiting competent volunteer attorneys to handle capital cases and providing training and assistance to them.

Volunteers and Cases:

The Project also works to educate the public and bar about the crisis of counsel, and works to reform the systems that provide lawyers to indigent defendants. To date, the Project has recruited more than 175 firms to act as volunteer counsel in capital trial or post-conviction cases or to work on appellate briefs, petitions for certiorari, ABA Supreme Court amicus briefs, and clemency proceedings.


The Project honors law firms which have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to obtaining justice for death-sentenced prisoners with the ABA Exceptional Service Award for Death Penalty Representation.

Updated: 12/14/2006

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