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American Bar Association

Standing Committee on Environmental Law Pro Bono Activities

Standing Committee on Environmental Law SCEL

Chairs: Meghan H. Magruder


Elissa C. Lichtenstein

202 662-1695



In 1996 we published Directory of Pro Bono Legal Services Providers For Environmental Justice, a nationwide directory of legal service providers willing and able to take environmental justice cases. In addition, plans are in place to survey the providers about their case challenges and to update the directory, resources permitting.

Volunteers and Cases:

New phase of project to begin shortly. Expect 2-3 SCEL members and 1-2 staff to be involved.


ABA Award for Distinguished Achievement in Environmental Law and Policy, now in its 3rd year. (Note, in year 1 the institutional award went to Tulane Environmental Law Clinic for its environmental justice work; in year 2 the individual award went to Barry E. Hill, director of the USEPA Office of Environmental Justice. thus the award has promoted environmental law pro bono for two years in a row)

Updated: 12/14/2006

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