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American Bar Association

Law Practice Management Section Pro Bono Activities

ELawyering Task Force

Chairs: James I. Keane

Staff: Rosemary Shiels

312 988-5661 FAX: 312 988-5820


LINK: http://www.elawyering.org


In 1998, at the request of ABA President Bill Paul, the Task Force on Innovative Ways to Deliver Legal Services Over the Internet (“eLawyering Task Force”) was created within the ABA Law Practice Management Section. The task force was created to develop a strategy to examine and respond to the ways in which the practice of law is changing in the Internet age. One of the principle objectives of the task force has been to improve lawyer competency by training practitioners to utilize eLawyering tools in their own practices. To this end, the task force has created an informational Web site, http://www.elawyering.org, and a Web discussion forum called “eLawyering Visions.” The task force has recruited national experts in the relevant fields to serve as discussion leaders and to make substantive posting on the topics. Everyone is invited to participate in the eLawyering Visions Web discussion forum. In 2000, the Section completed the development of a web site to deliver information to attorneys on using technology in the delivery of legal services to people of low to moderate means. The Section hopes to continue this initiative, called “elawyering,” through Internet activities and initiatives by gathering and maintaining content and developing related educational programs. The task force will continue to monitor the development of eLawyering applications, and its members hope to make recommendations to the ABA and other regulatory bodies regarding a framework for ethically responsible practice of law over the Internet.

Volunteers and Cases:

There are nine members of the Task Force who work on this project.

Updated: 12/14/2006

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