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Breast Cancer Legal Advocacy Initiative

Since the start of the initiative in July 2000, the Commission has worked on several projects aimed at educating attorneys and increasing their awareness about the legal issues facing women with breast cancer. Over the past year and a half we have sponsored breast cancer talks and Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs in 20 different states across the country. Our audiences include ABA entities, state, local and women's bar associations and law schools. As we continue in our educational efforts, these speaking engagements will continue to be an integral part of our initiative. Already we are in the process of planning five different training programs to take place in the winter and spring of 2002.

In some instances Commission training programs have led to the establishment of additional programs aimed at providing legal assistance to women with breast cancer. A Commission sponsored breast cancer training held in August 2001 in Albuquerque, New Mexico resulted in the development of the People Living Through Cancer (PLTC) Breast Cancer Survivors Advocacy Program. This project is also funded by the Susan G. Komen Foundation and will provide referrals to professionals trained to advocate on behalf of breast cancer survivors who have experienced difficulty obtaining medical treatment or employment discrimination.

The Commission has also researched and compiled a significant amount of data on the legal rights and issues facing women with breast cancer. These printed materials are distributed to those requesting the materials directly and to all participants in the breast cancer training programs. Commission staff responds to frequent requests for breast cancer pamphlets and CLE materials prepared by the Commission. Many of these materials are also available on our website. In the next year we plan to complete a comprehensive review and update of this information to ensure that our materials stay current. We will also be distributing this literature at the annual meetings of several national bar associations.

Updated: 12/14/2006

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