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Twenty-Four and No More Poll Taxes

The Twenty-Fourth Amendment was ratified on January 23, 1964.

Deferred Deportation Granted Certiorari

The U.S. Supreme Court granted cert in United States v. Texas, where the Fifth Circuit upheld an injunction against the administration's program providing for deferred deportation for certain illegal immigrants.

Dr. King's Birth and Holiday

After years of legislative, lobbying, and public advocacy efforts, the third Monday of January was established as Martin Luther King Day, a federal holiday, in 1983.

Articles »

Reed v. Town of Gilbert: Upholding the Free Speech Ideals of the First Amendment

By Anannya Tripathy

A Supreme Court decision on sign regulations extends to panhandling controls.

With Liberty and Justice—For Some

By Kyle Z. Varga

A look at the troubling statistics of, and possible solutions to, the nation's growing justice gap.

Karsjens v. Jesson as Ordered: Liberty, Politics, and the Unpopular

By Mária Zulick Nucci

The efforts to correct the long-standing constitutional infirmities of the MCTA and MSOP, as found by the court, will continue.

Sound Advice »

audio Best Practices in Dealing with Self-Represented Litigants

By Hon. Karen Adam

Former Pima County Superior Court Judge Karen Adam discusses the increase in self-represented litigants and what it means for the legal system as a whole. (11:06 min)

audio Marketing Your Low Bono Firm

By Aastha Madaan and Nicole Abboud

Lawyers are all familiar with the idea of pro bono but more and more attorneys are working on "low bono" agreements. Aastha Madaan and Nicole Abboud discuss low bono and how it can help build your firm. (11:01 min)

audio Indigent Clients

By Larry Fox

Longtime litigator Larry Fox discuss how indigent clients are in reality no different from conventional clients and deserve the same level of representation. (06:20 min)

Roundtables »

audio Sweet Child O' Mine: Representing Children with Pro Bono Lawyers

Hear from some folks who work with some best-practice models, including law firm and in-house partnerships. (59:27 min)

audio Forging Equal Access Partnerships: Judges, Legal Aid and the Private Bar

A discussion of why and how it is critical to bring several stakeholders—such as the judiciary and courts, legal aid, and the organized bar—together to address Access to Justice challenges. (1:00:15 min)


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Civil Right to Counsel Video

Learn more about the latest developments on the civil right to counsel movement and how you can get involved. Watch now.

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