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Editor Wins Victory Over Conan Doyle Estate

The estate had sought a licensing fee over the editor of a Sherlock Holmes anthology because not all works are in the public domain.

Third Circuit Addresses "Practical Finality"

A recent appeal discusses the doctrine of "practical finality" in a suit filed against a Turkish arms manufacturer in 1985.

Order Remanding Claim by Intervenor on Procedural Ground Not Reviewable

The defendant tried, and failed, to remove three separate times.

Articles »

Criminal Appeals for the Mostly Civil Lawyer

By Lara O'Donnell and Sonia O'Donnell

Whether you are a young lawyer, or a not-so-young lawyer, how do you tackle the first appeal?

Supreme Court Jurisdiction over an Appeal from a Rule 23(f) Denial

By Peter E. Davids and Jeffrey A. Mandell

Does the Court have jurisdiction over an appeal from a circuit court's order denying a petition for interlocutory review under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 23(f)?

Committee CLE Program Offers Unique Perspective "From the Inside Out"

By Thomas J. Donlon

The Appellate Practice Committee conducted a spirited and enlightening mock trial.

Sound Advice »

audio Are Rule 50 Motions Required to Preserve Error for Purely Legal Questions?

By Kelli Bills

Dallas litigator Kelli Bills reviews some of the latest rulings from around the country regarding Rule 50 motions. (11:07 min.)

audio The Last 24 Hours Before Oral Argument

By Ted Hirt and Kannon K. Shanmugam

Advanced preparation is critical to the success of oral argument. Kannon Shanmugam and Ted Hirt discuss ideas for what to do in the final stages of the preparation process. (9:33 min.)

audio Common Mistakes in Appellate Practice and How to Avoid Them

By Mark Fulks

Veteran appellate attorney Mark Fulks highlights some common mistakes during the appeal process, in hopes that you will avoid those issues in your practice. (13:21 min.)

Roundtables »

audio The Importance of Amicus Briefs, with Former Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court Clifford W. Taylor

A lively discussion about the importance of amicus briefs and how to use them to protect your clients' interests. (29:50)

audio The Supreme Court's First Decision on the Class Action Fairness Act: Standard Fire Ins. Co. v. Knowles

Learn what the decision means for plaintiffs and defendants litigating class actions. (1:01:03)

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Seeking Contributors

The Appellate Practice Committee is seeking authors to write for its website. Please contact Robert A. Vort or Sanford Hausler for more information.


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