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Practice Points »

Beware Oversized Briefs

If you practice in the Ninth Circuit and you want to file an oversized brief, you'd better hope Judge Alex Kozinski is not on your panel.

First U.S. Secretary of Education Dies at 90

Shirley Hufstedler, a former federal appellate court judge who served as the nation's first education secretary, has died at the age of 90.

Kallon Nominated to Eleventh Circuit

President Obama has nominated District Judge Abdul Kallon to a seat on the Eleventh Circuit.

Articles »

The Supreme Court's Summary Docket: Highlights, Trends, and Statistics

By Ryan J. Watson

A review of the High Court's summary docket reveals it issued more summary reversals and fractured opinions this term than in the past.

The Art of Evaluating an Appeal: 10 Hard-Learned Tips

By Sylvia H. Walbolt

An appellate practitioner with over 50 years of experience provides tips on evaluating whether to pursue an appeal.

What Do Appellate Clinics Do?

By Thomas Burch

Law school clinics provide benefits beyond teaching students how to practice law.

Sound Advice »

audio How Attorneys Can Prepare and Conduct Oral Arguments for a Multi-Judge Panel

By Ted Hirt and William Jay

Ted Hirt interviews William Jay regarding the best practices for preparing to argue in front of a multi-judge panel. (9:02 min.)

audio Rules and Strategic Considerations for Cross-Appeals

By Jennifer Swize

In cases of a mixed judgment the judgment process is complicated. Appellate expert Jennifer Swize discusses Rule 28.1 and what to consider when planning a cross-appeal. (11:40 min.)

audio Are Rule 50 Motions Required to Preserve Error for Purely Legal Questions?

By Kelli Bills

Dallas litigator Kelli Bills reviews some of the latest rulings from around the country regarding Rule 50 motions. (11:07 min.)

Roundtables »

audio One Size Does Not Fit All: Comparing And Contrasting Appeals Among State and Federal Intermediate and High Appellate Courts

The panel will address topics such as standards of review; jurisdictional issues and preservation; the role of policy arguments; distinctions between constitutional, statutory, and common-law claims; the role and value of amicus briefs; focusing on what really matters to the court—which may not be who wins the case at hand—and getting the court to hear a discretionary appeal. (58:42)

audio The Importance of Amicus Briefs, with Former Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court Clifford W. Taylor

A lively discussion about the importance of amicus briefs and how to use them to protect your clients' interests. (29:50)

audio Hey, CAFA, Is That a Class Action: Mississippi ex rel Hood v. AU Optronics

Examining the holding in this newly announced decision and what the holding may mean for future parens patriae actions—and for other types of quasi-class actions or mass actions. It also examines the strategy impact of this new decision. (56:11)


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How to Get Involved with the Committee

Please email our membership cochairs, Paul Hudson and Jason Kairalla to get involved with a subcommittee. Read more.


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