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  Children's Rights Litigation
Practice Points »

UCLA Civil Rights Project Publishes Study on Financial Impact of School Exclusion

The focus was on suspensions, dropouts, and consequent costs.


"Burdened for Life: The Myth of Juvenile Record Confidentiality and Expungement in Illinois"

A study released by the Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission in partnership with the Children and Family Justice Center at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law.


Michigan Court Rules on Obligation to Address a Parent's Known Disabilities

Landmark decision reverses termination of parental rights.

Articles »

Legal Care as a Tool to Improve Children's Mental Health

By Amanda M. Walsh

Free, accessible legal assistance as part of children's mental health treatment plans.


Making the Case to End Solitary Confinement for Juveniles

By Nicole Scialabba

Juveniles in solitary confinement are more likely to develop mental health problems.

Art Works for Flint's Detained Youth

By Shelley R. Spivack

Visual arts, theater, spoken-word poetry, and dance workshops for youth detained in one of the most distressed cities in our nation.

Sound Advice »

audio Starting and Building a Children's Legal Services Practice, Part VI

By Ira lustbader and Tami Steckler

In Part VI of our series, Ira Lustbader interviews longtime child rights advocate Tami Steckler on how her office works and how it continues to thrive. (19:14 min)


audio Starting and building a Children’s Legal Service Practice—Fundraising, Part V

By Shari Shink

In the next installment in the series, listen as Lourdes Rosado interviews long-time child rights advocate Shari Shink as she reflects on raising money and you may be surprised where she suggests focusing your efforts. (16:43 min)


audio Starting and Building a Children's Legal Services Practice, Part IV

By Jay McManus

Listen as Tiffany Friend interviews Jay McManus, the Executive Director of the Children's Law Center of Massachusetts, about the history of his organization and the lessons he's learned through the years. (11:52 min)


Roundtables »

audio Addressing Compassion Fatigue: An Ethical Mandate

Working with clients in trauma can impact lawyers, both personally and professionally. Speakers focus on preventative and responsive strategies for solo practitioners, agency lawyers, and leaders who manage child lawyers, as well as the ethical implications of compassion fatigue on child representation. (01:28:39)


audio Representing Very Young Children: What does Zealous Advocacy Look Like?

Providing legal representation to very young children (0–5 yrs) in dependency cases presents unique challenges. Panelists address questions by discussing what lawyers in different states and systems are actually doing to provide zealous advocacy to some of our most vulnerable clients in juvenile court.  (02:29:29)


audio Unaccompanied Immigrant Youth Alone in the Courts

The number of unaccompanied immigrant youth who arrive with no adult at our borders is skyrocketing with approximately 24,000 youth detained in 2012, more than three times the number of youth detained in 2008. These children have no right to a lawyer. (00:59:14)


Announcements »

Educational Civil Rights Accountability Project

The Educational Civil Rights Accountability Project has a new website which was created to provide education, training and tools to civil rights, legal aid, and pro bono attorneys around issues related to the school to prison pipeline, and disparate outcomes in education. 


International Summit on the Legal Needs of Street Youth

The summit was held on June 16–17, 2015, in London, England. Read more.

Juvenile Records Model Act

Resolution 103A was presented to and adopted by the House of Delegates in August.

ABA Directory of Children's Law Programs

The committee maintains an ABA Directory of Children's Law Programs which is a state by state listing of children’s law centers, clinics and resources centers around the country. Please contact Committee Director Cathy Krebs if you have any updates or changes for the Directory.

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