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  Children's Rights Litigation




235 Peachtree Street NE, Suite 1750
Atlanta, GA 30303
Telephone:       (404) 521-0790
Fax:                 (404) 521-3434
Email:              info@avlf.org
Website:          www.avlf.org


15% Children’s Law
Does Use Volunteer Attorneys


The Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation (AVLF) was established as an independent non-profit organization in 1979 through an initiative of a local bar association. In the Guardian ad Litem Program, pro bono attorneys represent the best interest of children whose parents are disputing custody in Fulton Superior Court in Atlanta. The One Child, One Lawyer Program provides representation to children whose parents are in the drug court system. Such children are generally removed from their homes, and AVLF provides attorneys ad litem to represent the best interest of the children throughout the entirety of their legal case. The Program trains volunteers and provides ongoing support, including case consultation and continuing education seminars. The Advocacy in Education Program educates the public about the educational rights of children with special needs, and provides legal counsel for the direct representation of qualified families who are concerned that their child may not be receiving the special education that is demanded by law. Pro bono attorneys also represent teenage girls in Juvenile Courts through referrals from Planned Parenthood.


Clients are referred to AVLF through the courts, social service agencies, other attorneys and former clients. Volunteer attorneys are actively recruited through the local bar, law firms, law schools and seminars to represent children. Volunteers work independently, reporting progress and results to the staff in writing, and call for back up assistance when needed. The two staff attorneys are assisted by one paralegal, two support staff, and law students.



Children’s Healthcare at Scottish Rite
993-C Johnson Ferry Rd., Ste. 245
Atlanta, GA 30342
Telephone:       (404) 705-0000
Fax:                 (404) 705-0010 
Email:              babeier@­atlantalegalaid.org
Website:          www.healthlawpartnership.org


100% Children’s Law
Does Use Volunteer Attorneys


The Georgia State University College of Law, together with partners Atlanta Legal Aid Society and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, created the Health Law Partnership (HeLP) in 2004 to improve the health and social well-being of low-income children and their families in Georgia. One of HeLP’s underlying premises is that by combining the health care expertise of hospital professionals with the legal expertise of attorneys, HeLP can provide a more holistic set of services to address the multiple determinants of children’s health.

HeLP provides on-site legal services through three offices located at hospitals operated by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. The HeLP Legal Services Clinic is a live-client clinic located at Georgia State University’s College of Law. Law and health care graduate students participate in the Clinic for course credit, and work under close attorney supervision. The clinic explores federal and state laws and policies that can affect children's health and well-being, such as public benefits, income support, health insurance, family law, employment, housing, and education.


In addition to direct legal services, HeLP works to strengthen the long-term effectiveness of the legal services component by training law and health care professionals to understand and address the social needs and legal rights of low-income children and their families. HeLP provides an interdisciplinary in-service educational program about the legal, ethical, and policy issues that affect children’s health and well-being. This program includes in-service training and education for health care professionals at Children’s, Children’s social work staff, volunteer attorneys who work with HeLP, and medical residents and students in training at Children’s. These presentations cover topics such as family law, housing law, public benefits, and special education. In addition to providing representation to children, volunteer attorneys provide research on substantive legal issues and prepare and present education seminars for health providers on matters of law affecting health and well-being of children.


HeLP advocacy efforts focus on work at the legislative, policy-making, and government agency levels on issues such as Medicaid, Georgia’s S-CHIP program (PeachCare for Kids), health insurance coverage issues, and other changes in law and regulations designed to improve the overall health and well-being of children.



680 W. Peachtree St. NW
Atlanta, GA 30308
Telephone:       (404)881-6571
Fax:                 (404) 885-7210
Website:          http://www.catholiccharitiesatlanta.org/services/immigration-legal-services/


10% Children’s Law
Does Use Volunteer Attorneys


This program represents children detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in their immigration proceedings before an Immigration Judge. The Project also trains and educates area courts, DFCS case workers, CASA’s, and other service providers on what relief is available to children found in this country without proper documentation. The office is staffed by two full-time attorneys, one part-time attorney, two paralegals and two volunteers, who receive case referrals from social service agencies, ICE, and Family and Children Services. Volunteer attorneys are trained as needed to handle approximately one case per year, and cases are monitored through self-reporting and staff phone calls. Additionally volunteer lawyers handle appeals and staff a clinic. Law students and other volunteer professionals are utilized as well.



151 Spring St., NW
Atlanta, GA 30303
Telephone:       (404) 614-3955 or (404) 524-5811
Fax:                 (404) 614-3977
Website:          www.atlantalegalaid.org


100% Children’s Law
Does Use Volunteer Attorneys


TeamChild Atlanta began in September 2001 at Atlanta Legal Aid with an Equal Justice Works Fellowship. The project serves children who have an active delinquency, dependency or status offense case at the Fulton County Juvenile Court. Team Child Atlanta works in partnership with the child, the child’s family, the probation officer and the attorney representing the child in the active case to identify the underlying needs that led to court involvement, and advocates (and litigates if necessary) on the child’s behalf to ensure that these needs are met. One full time and one part time attorney work with volunteer attorneys to handle approximately 80 cases a year.


Aside from handling cases, volunteer attorneys assist in trial preparation and case investigation. The office also utilizes volunteer law students and other professionals. Trainings for volunteers are provided as needed. To volunteer contact the project director. The office does accept calls from the public and from children seeking legal information. Clients are referred from juvenile court, social service agencies, schools, health care professionals, clients themselves or other attorneys.