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Stage Set for Supreme Court to Decide Same-Sex Marriage Issue

The Court is poised to accept review in the next month, and to decide in this term the constitutionality of same-sex-marriage bans.

Restricting Substance of Defendant's Closing Argument Not Structural Error

In dismissively reversing the Ninth Circuit, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected the idea that placing such a restriction on closing argument was sufficiently akin to wholly denying it.

Do Female Attorneys Receive Same Compensation as Male Counterparts?

A recent article shows that females in the U.S. legal field earn 28.5 percent less than their male counterparts.

Articles »

Qualified Immunity in Excessive-Force Cases Post-Plumhoff

By Ashley J. Heilprin

As more cases are litigated, courts should be better able to flesh out the factors that may determine whether the conduct violates a person's constitutional and statutory rights.

Is a Judge Immune for Non-Judicial Acts? Two Federal Courts Answer Differently

By Sarah E. Ricks

The Middle District of Pennylvania and the Sixth Circuit see things differently when it comes to immunity from 42 U.S.C. § 1983 claims for damages.

Recent Cases Limit Government's Ability to Search Phones, Computers

By Aaron M. Danzig

A modern interpretation of the Fourth Amendment?

Sound Advice »

audio A Review of Voting-Rights Cases in Ohio

By Dan Tokaji

Over the last decade, Ohio has had several large cases regarding voting rights. Professor Dan Tokaji outlines the key points of each case. (20:29 min)

audio Consequences of Criminal Convictions

By Grayson Yeargin

Grayson Yeargin explains the new and unfamiliar situations the convicted party may face. (17:13 min)

audio Transgender Protections Against Employment Discrimination—Part I, Part II

By Nancy Marcus

Nancy Marcus highlights three recent developments regarding transgender rights that may impact employment discrimination cases across the country. (10:10 and 11:08 min)

Roundtables »

audio Is More Gun Control the Answer?

A panel of experts sheds light on issues of public safety, individual rights, mental health, and other issues raised by gun violence. (1:01:58)

audio Voter-Suppression Issues in the 2012 Election

The 2012 electorate is abuzz with concern over sweeping voting laws in several states that have real potential to affect the outcome of the presidential election. (47:03)


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