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  Civil Rights Litigation
Practice Points »

More Women in the Judiciary Means Justice for All

Critical mass for change begins around 20 percent.

Nationwide Injunctions, Immigration, and Civil Rights Litigation

May a federal district court issue a nationwide injunction against enforcement of the government's immigration policies?.

UCLA Civil Rights Project Publishes Study on Financial Impact of School Exclusion

The focus was on suspensions, dropouts, and consequent costs.

Articles »

Roe Revitalized: The Supreme Court Sharpens "Undue Burden" Analysis

By Brandon Robb

Casey's "undue burden" standard has been enhanced, clarified, and given new energy, and the right to choose has been reaffirmed for the foreseeable future.

OFCCP Issues First Updates to Sex Discrimination Guidelines Since 1970

By David Gevertz

The updates address compensation discrimination, harassment, accommodations for pregnant workers, gender-identity bias, and family caregiving responsibilities, and more.

Making the Case to End Solitary Confinement for Juveniles

By Nicole Scialabba

Juveniles in solitary confinement are more likely to develop mental health problems.

Sound Advice »

audio The Role of Mentoring in the Civil Rights Field

By Jasmyn Richardson and Karen Short

Civil rights attorneys Jasmyn Richardson and Karen Short describe the importance of mentoring in their career development, both as a mentor and as a mentee. (11:57 min)

audio Top Tips for Obtaining a Job in the Public Sector for Law Students and Young Attorneys

By Jasmyn Richardson

Working in the public sector is rewarding in many ways. Public sector lawyer Jasmyn Richardson lays out her top tips for landing such a job. (11:02 min)

audio A Review of Voting-Rights Cases in Ohio

By Dan Tokaji

Over the last decade, Ohio has had several large cases regarding voting rights. Professor Dan Tokaji outlines the key points of each case. (20:29 min)

Roundtables »

audio Is More Gun Control the Answer?

A panel of experts sheds light on issues of public safety, individual rights, mental health, and other issues raised by gun violence. (1:01:58)

audio Voter-Suppression Issues in the 2012 Election

The 2012 electorate is abuzz with concern over sweeping voting laws in several states that have real potential to affect the outcome of the presidential election. (47:03)


Civil Right to Counsel Video

Learn more about the latest developments on the civil right to counsel movement and how you can get involved. Watch now.

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