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Gillette Duracell Battery Class Settlement Affirmed

Misrepresentation of battery life violates Florida's Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

Eleventh Circuit Rules in Karhu v. Vital Pharmaceuticals

Panel potentially makes it more difficult to obtain certification of a class of purchasers of small-dollar consumer products.

Ninth Circuit Adheres to Narrow Interpretation of "Local Single Event" Exception

The court rules in Allen v. The Boeing Co.

Articles »

Class Actions 101: Possible Amendments to Rule 23

By Robert J. Herrington

The proposed changes could have a great impact for years to come.

The Rule 23 Subcommittee Should Have Taken on Ascertainability

By Andrew Trask

The question has long been considered a vital case management tool.

Rule 23: Welcome to the Cy Pres Party

By Timothy G. Blood and Paula M. Roach

The doctrine's widespread use begs for guidance that only this Federal Rule can provide.

The Rule 23 Subcommittee's April 2015 Proposal on Issue Classes

By Paul G. Karlsgodt and Jacqueline K. Matthews

A starting point in the discussion.

Sound Advice »

audio Multidistrict Litigation Process

By Greg Cook

If you are involved in a multidistrict litigation case it may seem overwhelming—but fear not. Listen as veteran litigator Greg Cook explains the process and rules regarding the Multidistrict Litigation Panel (MDL Panel). (8:12 min)

audio Numerosity as It Pertains to Class Certification

By Kathryn Honecker

Rule 23(a) has four elements that must be proven prior to class certification. Listen as Kathryn Honecker explains salient points of one of the elements—numerosity. (14:17 min)

audio Understanding the Demand Futility Exception

By Jeff Gardner

Hear as Jeff Gardner explains how this exception works and the ways in which it may affect your clients. (8:54 min)

Roundtables »

audio Early Case Assessment and Other Initial Stages of Complex Litigation

The early stages of complex litigation are often the most important in delivering a successful result for your client. This presentation will go through the critical preliminary steps litigators should take to ensure that their case gets off to the right start. (56:46)

audio Hey, CAFA, Is That a Class Action?: Mississippi ex rel Hood v. AU Optronics

This Roundtable examines the holding in this newly announced decision—and examines what the holding may mean for future parens patriae actions—and for other types of quasi-class actions or mass actions. It also examines the strategy impact of this new decision. (56:12)


audio The Supreme Court’s First Decision on the Class Action Fairness Act: Standard Fire Ins. Co. v. Knowles

The Supreme Court has issued its first decision interpreting the Class Action Fairness Act (CAFA). In a unanimous decision, the Court held that, prior to certification, a named plaintiff’s stipulation that the putative class would not seek more than $5 million did not defeat jurisdiction under CAFA. (1:01:03)

Announcements »

CADS Committee Conference Calls

Please join us for the CADS' Committee's bi-monthly call on Wednesday, May 13, 2015 at noon (PT) / 2 p.m. (CT) / 3 p.m. (ET). The dial in number is 800-504-8071; the access code is 7765933.

Mark Your Calendars: Globalization of Securities Litigation

This event will take place on Monday, May 11, in New York City. Read the brochure to learn more or register now!

Mark Your Calendars: 2nd Annual Western Regional CLE Program on Class Actions and Mass Torts

This half-day program, taking place on June 19, 2015, in San Francisco, will present four panels on hot topics in class action and mass tort litigation. Register now!

CADS Committee Updates Survey of State Law

The committee recently published its updated state law class action survey. The book is an excellent tool for in-house and outside counsel who litigate class actions in state forums.


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