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Practice Points »

The False Claims Act and Escobar

The recent U.S. Supreme Court decision has significant implications for all federal-government contractors and the outside counsel who represent them.

EEOC Will Not Tolerate Transgender Employee Discrimination

Employers should know their responsibilities with respect to transgender employees' rights.

Colorado Joins List of States Applying Heightened Pleading Standard

A recent decision provides corporate practitioners and their local counsel with another means to address suits against the companies they represent.

Articles »

Using Section 337 to Reduce Unfair Competition Once and for All

By Steven E. Adkins

No more whack-a-mole.

Data Breach Litigation Across the Atlantic

By Steven Rubin and Stephen Milne

Requirements and guidelines on either side of the ocean create competing rules and policies.

Creating an Inclusive Workplace for LGBT Employees

By Elizabeth Joiner and Angelique Lyons

The courts and the EEOC have provided examples of scenarios that may be considered gender identity or sexual orientation discrimination.

Roundtables »

audio Moving from Thoughtless Data Hoarding to Thoughtful Data Strategies: What's the Answer?

Anne Kershaw and Shannon Spangler discuss the risks of over-retention, processes for defensible deletion of unneeded data, and the policies and procedures that can help your organization avoid these issues. (53:00)

audio In-House Counsel and Beyond

Maximize your professional growth and potential with in-house opportunities. (59:09)

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Call For Article Proposals

The Corporate Counsel Committee is seeking articles for publication in its October 2016 newsletter. Read more.


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