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Criminal Litigation
Practice Points »

A 10-Point Checklist for the Criminal Appeal

Tips to get the most out of the appellate process.

Reporting from the Sixth Session of the CoSP to the U.N. Convention Against Corruption

The Sixth Session of the Conference of the State Parties to the United Nations Convention against Corruption is currently being held in St. Petersburg, Russia. We will be reposting reports this week.

DOJ Announces New Policy on Corporate Misconduct Focusing on Individual Culpability

This shift in policy is shaking up the white-collar defense community

Articles »

The Rise of Revenge Pornography and Its Damaging Effects

By Farrah Champagne

Sharing of intimate photos online without permission has become increasingly trendy.

Fraud, Abuse, and the Value-Based Payment Regime: Is New Thinking Needed?

By Jeremy D. Sherer

The structure of healthcare payment in the United States is changing.

Medicare Fraud: A Historic Takedown

By Ariella Cohen

The Affordable Care Act provides tools and resources to fight federal healthcare fraud.

Sound Advice »

audio Strategies for Tackling Trial Ready Regulators

By Nicola Paterson

Nicola Paterson discusses the "broken windows" strategy that the SEC currently uses and some of the potential best practices for your clients. (13:29 min.)

audio Searches and Seizures of Foreign Email Servers

By Theodore G. Fletcher

By examining Microsoft v. United States, Theodore Fletcher explains Title 18, Section 2701 and how it may impact your clients. (10:13 min.)

audio Ethical Issues for Corporate Counsel after the Yates Memorandum

By Michael Dawkins

The Yates memorandum has led to significant amendments to the U.S. Attorney's Manual. Michael Dawkins reviews these changes and outlines some best practices moving forward. (11:58 min.)

Roundtables »

audio Women in Criminal Law

Advice from experienced litigators on handling clients, the types of cases criminal law practitioners are assigned, trial presentations, and more. (1:00:40)

audio FCPA 101: What Every Non-Specialist Should Know

Establish the framework knowledge you need to have in order to spot some red flags that can protect your clients' interests. (57:55)



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