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Criminal Litigation

The Criminal Litigation Committee is concerned with the defense and prosecution of all criminal matters, including all state and federal crimes as well as complex white-collar cases and regulatory enforcement matters. Substantive fields covered by the committee's jurisdiction include procurement fraud, banking offenses, tax fraud, securities offenses, environmental crimes, program fraud and forfeitures, economic crimes and official corruption, civil and criminal RICO, drug-related matters, sexual assault, and other violent crimes. Procedural areas include grand-jury reform, government investigative procedures, guideline sentencing, criminal procedural rules, evidentiary issues, and the training of defense lawyers and prosecutors.

The committee sponsors CLE programs and subcommittee luncheons with guest speakers, and it reviews and comments on proposed legislation. Geographic subcommittees are operating in Washington D.C., St. Louis, Houston, Los Angeles, Boston, Kansas City, Seattle, Newark, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, New York City, South Florida, Baltimore, Jackson, Phoenix, Tampa, Denver, Dallas, New Orleans, and Philadelphia.


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The Criminal Litigation Committee of the ABA’s Section of Litigation now has its own LinkedIn group. We are excited about our expanded social-media presence—please join our group! This is an open group on LinkedIn, so ask your colleagues and others in your network to join, as well. While you’re at it, encourage them to become members of the ABA and the Criminal Litigation Committee (if they are not members already).  Please contact our social media host Cassie Wich for more information.

Seeking Contributors

The Criminal Litigation Committee is looking for authors for articles about criminal litigation and related cases. Contact an editor for more information.

Criminal Litigation: Spring 2016

The latest issue of the Criminal Litigation newsletter is now available.

Message from the Chairs

Welcome to the ABA Section of Litigation Criminal Litigation Committee! We are a professional committee dedicated to the defense and prosecution of criminal matters in both the public and private sectors, at the state and federal levels.

As this field of law continues to develop, so too does our focus and programming. With the start of the new ABA year, we are working hard to provide resources, events, and others opportunities to enhance your professional knowledge and relationships in the field. These include CLE programs, newsletters and other publications, roundtables, Sound Advice pieces, and other programs geared towards the wide variety of issues and developments facing criminal attorneys.

We encourage those with an interest in the field to join the committee. Doing so requires no commitment, but provides opportunities for attorneys at all stages of their careers. We have listed just some of the many ways to become involved. If you or someone you know is interested in joining our committee, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Ways to Get Involved

Cochair a Subcommittee
While our roster of subcommittee chairs for the 2015–16 year is robust, we still have a number of openings. If you are interested in serving as a subcommittee cochair, please contact Dawn M. Du Verney, Emily Crandall Harlan, or Geeta Malhotra.

E-Newsletter and Website
Our newsletter editors, Farrah Champagne and Kele Onyejekwe, are always interested in ideas for newsletter themes or soliciting articles for publication in our newsletter. Contact Farrah or Kele if you have an idea or would like to write an article.

We also keep members abreast of new developments of interest to criminal litigators and update those postings frequently. If you would like to write a news and development update or article and have it posted on our website, please contact our website editor, Kathleen Brody.

Monthly Conference Calls
Another way to get involved is to participate in our monthly conference call of subcommittee chairs and interested members. Never taking more than an hour, we review the status of our ongoing projects, plan for upcoming events, and brainstorm creative ways that we can deliver value to our members and expand our reach. If you would like to be included on the next conference call invitation, please email Emily Harlan. The ABA call-in line will be available to the first 250 participants.

Are you interested in helping out with programming for the Section Annual Conference, annual ABA meeting, or regional meetings? If so, please contact Ralph Guderian, Beverly H. Rampaul, or Dawn M. Du Verney; we welcome your ideas.

Sound Advice
Sound Advice is another benefit we deliver. Sound Advice is a 5–10 minute speech produced on an iPhone, iPad, Android, or any digital recording device. The final product is posted on the Section of Litigation website and the Criminal Litigation webpage. We can also attach the recording to a listserv sent to all committee members. To get started, all we need is the presenter and his or her topic, so please let us know if you are interested in contributing a Sound Advice submission.

Social Media
In the meantime, please stay connected with the committee by joining our LinkedIn group.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dawn M. Du Verney, Emily Crandall Harlan, and Geeta Malhotra

Cochairs, Criminal Litigation Committee


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Find contact information for committee and subcommittee chairs:

Navigant Partner

David Manek

Chicago, IL


Criminal Litigation Leadership

Cochairs Web Editor Newsletter Editors

Dawn Du Verney

Philadelphia, PA

Emily Crandall Harlan

Washington, D.C.

Geeta Malhotra

Chicago, IL

Associate Web Editor

Farrah Champagne

Washington, D.C.

Kele Onyejekwe

U.S. Virgin Islands

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