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West Virginia Opens Ohio River to Fracking

The state has announced that it is allowing companies to seek permits to drill beneath the Ohio River as a move to increase state revenue.

New York to Ban Fracking

A 184-page report issued by New York's Department of Health cites significant uncertainties with respect to adverse health issues and doubtful economic benefits in support of the ban.

Review of Deepwater Horizon Settlement Rejected by Supreme Court

After over a year of fighting, BP has suffered a significant blow.

Articles »

Disputes in the Unconventional Oil and Gas Sector: A Historic Overview

By Michael P. Emmert

Royalty, leasehold, and land-rights disputes continue to develop across a wide range of issues.

Operations under Ohio Oil and Gas Leases

By Stephanie Burt

The exact contours of what constitutes operations and what an implied covenant to develop looks like in Ohio are not clear.

Interview with Reagan Bradford of Chesapeake Energy

By Basheer Ghorayeb

From the courtroom to the boardroom.

Sound Advice »

audio Business Development: Mining Your Network

By Adam Severson

Adam Severson, chief marketing and business development officer at Baker Donelson, highlights the value of a DIRP analysis to help develop business contacts. (04:52 min)

audio What Do Lawyers Need to Know About Fracking?

By Erica Levine-Powers

Resource extraction for transitional fuels such as natural gas is controversial. Fracking expert Erica Levine-Powers discusses the process and its many ramifications. (8:54 min)

audio Control of Well Policies

By George Lugrin

Longtime litigator George Lugrin discusses control of well policies—also known as "blow out" insurance—and traces the history of this specialty line of insurance and how it applies today. (17:41 min)

Roundtables »

audio Unconventional Oil and Gas Litigation: A Look Backwards and Forward

A summary of historical litigation trends and discussing future litigation trends. Topics include trends related to royalty, lease, construction, and other types of disputes. (1:04:07)

audio The Future of Hydraulic Fracturing

A unique group of lawyers and non-lawyers provides a fact-based peek into the future, including presentations and an interactive discussion among the panelists. (1:01:42)


March 18, 2014: Free Roundtable

Topics may include litigation trends related to royalty, lease, construction, and other types of disputes. Learn more.

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