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Supreme Court Stays EPA's Clean Power Plan

This is the first time the Supreme Court has ever issued a stay on regulations before an initial review by a federal appeals court.

NY Supreme Court Upholds Decision Voiding Fracking Water Sale Agreement

The decision voids a water sale agreement and a lease agreement for failing to comply with state environmental review requirements.

TransCanada Takes Two Separate Legal Actions after Keystone XL Rejection

The company has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. government, and signaled its intent to petition for arbitration against the State Department under NAFTA.

Articles »

After-Acquired Title in Oil and Gas Leases and Estoppel by Deed

By Ryan van Steenis

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court applied estoppel by deed to an oil and gas lease where the owners had record notice of a reservation of mineral rights.

Nuisance Is a Legal Injury, Not a Cause of Action

By Jeff Civins, Michael J. Mazzone, and Michael Stewart

The Texas Supreme Court recently clarified its nuisance law.

Tips for Young Lawyers: Improve Responsiveness to Impress Clients

By Ryan A. Starnes

Excelling in an area that most attorneys struggle in is a good way to win over your clients.

Sound Advice »

audio Using ADR to Resolve Renewable Energy Disputes

By Zela "Zee" Claiborne

Zela "Zee" Claiborne of JAMS discusses dispute resolution trends in renewable energy disputes, as well as advocacy strategies in mediating these cases, including the importance of experts and involvement of government agencies. (05:02 min)

audio Current Trends in Oil and Gas Litigation with a View Toward ADR

By Hon. Mark Whittington (Ret.)

Hon. Mark Whittington (Retired) shares his unique experience both from the bench and now as a JAMS employee, on oil and gas cases and the trend toward alternative dispute resolution versus traditional litigation. (06:27 min)

audio Advances in Technology to Help Navigate E-Discovery

By Julia Voss

Julia Voss, director of litigation support and e-discovery for Greensfelder, maps out the latest in technology to help lawyers find their way through the ever-changing landscape of e-discovery. (11:23 min)

Roundtables »

audio Rising Tide: The Litigation Wave from Low Oil Prices

A discussion of dispute trends arising from low crude oil prices. Topics include litigation trends related to royalty, lease, post-merger acquisition, construction, employment, and other types of disputes. (57:51)

audio Unconventional Oil and Gas Litigation: A Look Backwards and Forward

A summary of historical litigation trends and discussing future litigation trends. Topics include trends related to royalty, lease, construction, and other types of disputes. (1:04:07)

audio The Future of Hydraulic Fracturing

A unique group of lawyers and non-lawyers provides a fact-based peek into the future, including presentations and an interactive discussion among the panelists. (1:01:42)


March 18, 2014: Free Roundtable

Topics may include litigation trends related to royalty, lease, construction, and other types of disputes. Learn more.

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