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Apple v. Samsung—Try, Try, Try, and Try Again

Apple denied renewed motion for permanent injunction against Samsung.

Must Treating Physicians Be Paid For Their Testimony?

In Sanchez, the Arizona Court of Appeals finds that chiropractor was testifying as a fact witness, not as an expert, and therefore did not need to be compensated as such.

Program on Maximizing Effectiveness of Expert Witnesses a Success

The committee hosted a regional CLE workshop on February 26 that consisted of three panels tackling this important topic.

Articles »

"Reasonable Certainty" Remains Uncertain

By Neil Steinkamp and Regina M. Alter

With such an ambiguous threshold, determining the extent to which damages opined by an expert rise to this level can be a puzzle.

Covenant Conundrum

By Charles Diamond and Edward McDonough

Economic analysis brings new insights into familiar problems such as employee covenants not to compete.

An Overview of the USPAP

By Boris Steffen

Knowledge of these standards can assist counsel in working with a valuation expert—and avoiding a successful Daubert challenge.

Sound Advice »

audio Reasonable Certainty Standard, Part II

By Michael Fahlman and Brian Josias

The second installment of a four-part series on the standard offers a case study exploring how much independent research an expert should do when performing a damages calculation. (12:10 min)

audio An Introduction to the Reasonable Certainty Standard

By Brian Josias and Michael Fahlman

Listen as Josias and Fahlman offer the first of four discussions on this standard. Whether you are a litigator or an expert witness this series promises to be helpful for your career. (12:08 min)

audio Bridging the Knowledge Gap

By Edward M. McDonough

When hiring an expert, counsel must not rely solely on the expert's knowledge. Edward M. McDonough explains that attorneys should still familiarize themselves with their expert's area of interest before engaging them. (14:04 min)



Regional CLE Workshop on February 26

The topic of the program is "Expert Lawyers on Expert Witnesses."

Expert Witnesses Program at the 2014 Section Annual Conference

An esteemed panel will share tips for assessing experts and maximizing their effectiveness during pretrial litigation.

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We are always in need of informative, topical material for both our newsletter and our committee website.

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