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Practice Points »

Selection of Civil Engineering Experts

To find a qualified professional, it's important to be familiar with how the area's sub-disciplines are different.


Delaware State Bar Association Releases Proposed Amendments to DGCL Governing Appraisal Rights

For over a decade, there's been an increasing debate among legal practitioners regarding the practice of appraisal arbitrage.


SCOTUS Ruling Will Lead to More Daubert Challenges at Class Certification Stage

Was statistical evidence appropriately used in certifying a class of workers?

Articles »

Two-Track Investigations: How to Protect Privileged Information after a Data Security Breach

By Kristen Viglione

A recent decision in the Target litigation reaffirms the validity of two-track investigations.


Mobile Device Forensics: What Can Be Found?

By Joshua Dalman

The perspective of a digital forensics examiner.


Expert Witnesses in High-Stakes Litigation

By Gary Friedman, David Greenbaum, and Brian Sullivan

Some implications of the 2010 amendments, the use of experts in class certification, and some practical advice to manage costs of expert services.

Sound Advice »

audio Valid Statistical Samples

By Frank Pampush

Dr. Frank Paspush shares some best practices when determining what should be considered regarding valid statistics. (9:29 min)


audio Jury Selection

By Darren Vanpuybrouck

Jury selection may not be as glamourous as the actual trial, but it is crucial for success. Hear veteran litigator Darren Vanpuybrouck explain why Baston Challenges, even if not accepted, are a powerful tool in both criminal and civil matters. (6:04 min)


audio Expert Witnesses & Conflicts of Interest

By Pepper Allgood

Though consultants may have conflicts of interest, just like lawyers, the same rules do not apply. Pepper Allgood analyzes the developing consensus among courts concerning the rules they will apply under their inherent judicial authority to regulate expert conflicts. (10:28 min)


Announcements »

Daubert/Frye Survey 2014–2015

Our friends at the Trial Evidence Committee are updating a survey of the standards for the admissibility of expert opinion testimony in the 50 States and the District of Columbia, with emphasis on the applicability of Daubert in each jurisdiction.

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