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Daubert Challenge Leads to Case Dismissal

Opinions that stray outside the area of an expert's expertise can lead into dangerous territory.


Ghostwriting Expert Report a Remarkable Breach of Ethics and Protocol

The testimony of an expert retained by defense counsel was excluded by the court based on the fact that the expert's report was written by counsel.


Know Your Experts: Financial Interests Can Undermine Credibility

A surprising development in a case highlighting an important lesson for parties offering experts and for opposing parties.


Articles »

A Look at the Tenth Circuit's Urethane Antitrust Ruling

By Eric S. Hochstadt and Jane Cooper

What it does and does not say about the reach of Comcast and the role of courts as gatekeepers for expert testimony.


Dodging Daubert: Expert Opinions in Property Value Diminution

By Paul Smith and Trevor Phillips

In recent cases, real estate damages experts' PVD opinions have failed to pass muster.


So You Think You're an Expert on Experts?

By Jason Elster

Test your knowledge on some of the most influential cases involving expert witnesses by taking our quiz.


Sound Advice »

audio Reasonable Certainty Standard, Part II

By Michael Fahlman and Brian Josias

The second installment of a four-part series on the standard offers a case study exploring how much independent research an expert should do when performing a damages calculation. (12:10 min)

audio An Introduction to the Reasonable Certainty Standard

By Brian Josias and Michael Fahlman

Listen as Josias and Fahlman offer the first of four discussions on this standard. Whether you are a litigator or an expert witness this series promises to be helpful for your career. (12:08 min)

audio Bridging the Knowledge Gap

By Edward M. McDonough

When hiring an expert, counsel must not rely solely on the expert's knowledge. Edward M. McDonough explains that attorneys should still familiarize themselves with their expert's area of interest before engaging them. (14:04 min)



Daubert/Frye Survey 2014–2015

Our friends at the Trial Evidence Committee are updating a survey of the standards for the admissibility of expert opinion testimony in the 50 States and the District of Columbia, with emphasis on the applicability of Daubert in each jurisdiction.


2015 Section Annual Conference

Please save the dates for the 2015 Section Annual conference to be held in New Orleans, April 15–17, 2015. We are delighted to announce that the Expert Witness Committee will be sponsoring three programs at  the SAC. We will also continue our tradition of organizing a networking dinner. More details will come as we close in on the SAC.

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