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Practice Points »

Disclosure of Metadata

Four issues for experts and attorneys to consider.


Preventing Friendly Fire

Is there any legal recourse if experts do not abide by the duty of care and are negligent in their services?


Guidance Offered Regarding Permissible Expert Testimony in Pharmaceutical Labeling Actions

Be diligent to insulate your experts from challenge by ensuring they remain within the scope of their claimed expertise.


Articles »

Political Cover and Consulting Experts

By Maria E. Rodriguez

A consulting expert can help you get the information you need in order to give your client sound advice.


Expert Depositions: Online Preparation Techniques for Litigators

By Kevin Hartzell

How to find and prepare for all the skeletons in your witness's closet.


Conflicts, Ethics, and Experts

By John H. Bogart

Although experts are not limited by the Rules of Professional Conduct, they may be disqualified under certain circumstances.


Sound Advice »

audio Reasonable Certainty (Part III): A Stretch Too Far

By Michael A. Fahlman and Brian Josias

Listen as both a seasoned expert and a trial attorney discuss the importance of a good working relationship with your experts—and balancing client expectations against the "stretching of experts." (11:57 min)


audio Reasonable Certainty Standard, Part II

By Michael Fahlman and Brian Josias

The second installment of a four-part series on the standard offers a case study exploring how much independent research an expert should do when performing a damages calculation. (12:10 min)

audio An Introduction to the Reasonable Certainty Standard

By Brian Josias and Michael Fahlman

Listen as Josias and Fahlman offer the first of four discussions on this standard. Whether you are a litigator or an expert witness this series promises to be helpful for your career. (12:08 min)


Announcements »

Daubert/Frye Survey 2014–2015

Our friends at the Trial Evidence Committee are updating a survey of the standards for the admissibility of expert opinion testimony in the 50 States and the District of Columbia, with emphasis on the applicability of Daubert in each jurisdiction.

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