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Practice Points »

Panacea or Double Edged Sword?

Amendments to the Delaware General Corporation Law governing appraisal rights.


Selection of Civil Engineering Experts

To find a qualified professional, it's important to be familiar with how the area's sub-disciplines are different.


Delaware State Bar Association Releases Proposed Amendments to DGCL Governing Appraisal Rights

For over a decade, there's been an increasing debate among legal practitioners regarding the practice of appraisal arbitrage.

Articles »

Lost Profits Involving Head-to-Head Competitors

By John R. Bone, Marylee P. Robinson, and Stephen A. Holzen

The Federal Circuit provides guidance on the quantification of lost profits in patent infringement cases and the role of reasonable certainty.


Engaging Jurors with Technical Information: Building Trust and Cognition Without Overload

By Janell Walther

Using small-group strategies can help deliberative groups like juries, who can be easily overwhelmed by process and information.


Validity and Precision in Statistical Samples in Legal Cases

By Francis (Frank) X. Pampush

Two important ideas in statistical sampling can make the difference between reliable and unreliable data.

Sound Advice »

audio Valuing the Right of Publicity

By Scott Weingust

The value of a celebrity’s right of publicity is a challenging question to answer. Careful and complete due diligence and analysis is key to developing a valuation that is reasonable and reliable for addressing tax and other commercial disputes. (9:33 min)


audio Valid Statistical Samples

By Frank Pampush

Dr. Frank Pampush shares some best practices when determining what should be considered regarding valid statistics. (9:29 min)


audio Jury Selection

By Darren Vanpuybrouck

Jury selection may not be as glamourous as the actual trial, but it is crucial for success. Hear veteran litigator Darren Vanpuybrouck explain why Baston Challenges, even if not accepted, are a powerful tool in both criminal and civil matters. (6:04 min)


Announcements »

Daubert/Frye Survey 2014–2015

Our friends at the Trial Evidence Committee are updating a survey of the standards for the admissibility of expert opinion testimony in the 50 States and the District of Columbia, with emphasis on the applicability of Daubert in each jurisdiction.

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