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Advice to Young Litigators, From a Young Litigator

By Sandra Starr Uretsky

Nothing in law school truly prepares a graduate for real-world lawyering.

How to Subpoena Amazon to Find an Online Seller's Income

By Taryn R. Zimmerman

When a litigant is self-employed, obtaining a picture of their cash flow can be a tedious endeavor.

Tips for Using Technology Inside and Outside the Courtroom

By Jonathan W. Lounsberry

Learn how to streamline the litigation process and enhance your evidence's impact.

A Successful Asset Search Starts with a Great Interview

By Philip Segal

Why your client may know more than she thinks.

The Limits of Electronic Discovery in Family Cases

By Dolly Hernandez

Discovery requests should include ESI, which presents a predicament for practitioners who consult with clients or their spouses who utilize social media websites.

Gender and Custody: Is the Weekend Dad Still the Norm?

By Coleen M. Penacho

In 2008, 13.7 million parents had custody of 22 million children with the other parent living elsewhere. Mothers accounted for 82.6 percent of these custodial parents.

Book Review: Collaborative Divorce Handbook

By Margaret R. Kerouac Esq.

The handbook is a valuable resource for new and intermediate practitioners of collaborative law as well as those who are considering involvement in the collaborative process.

Litigation Issues and Tips for New Family-Law Practitioners

By Andrew Z. Soshnick

Despite the lax nature of some family-law courts, the prepared lawyer should treat family-law cases as if they were the same as any other form of civil litigation.


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