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Practice Points »

Top 10 Tips for a Celebrity Divorce or Paternity Action

A humorous take on handling everything from the court to paparazzi to a star's social media.

Obtaining a Religious Divorce in the Orthodox Jewish Community

Some Orthodox rabbis are insisting that couples planning to marry have a prenuptial agreement.

Social Media and its Effect on Divorce

While advanced technology, including social media, has had a profound impact on nearly every aspect of our lives.


Advice to Young Litigators, From a Young Litigator

By Sandra Starr Uretsky

Nothing in law school truly prepares a graduate for real-world lawyering.

How to Subpoena Amazon to Find an Online Seller's Income

By Taryn R. Zimmerman

When a litigant is self-employed, obtaining a picture of their cash flow can be a tedious endeavor.

Tips for Using Technology Inside and Outside the Courtroom

By Jonathan W. Lounsberry

Learn how to streamline the litigation process and enhance your evidence's impact.

Sound Advice »

audio Expert Witness Depositions in Family Law Cases 

By Maria Escobedo

Family attorneys know that cases may be dependent on expert witnesses. Listen as Maria Escobedo shares various practical approaches.

audio Surrogacy and Gestational Surrogacy Agreements

By Aliette Carolan

As the laws about marriage and families change, the role of a family law attorney is in a state of flux. Listen to family litigator Aliette Carolan review the latest laws regarding surrogacy agreements.

audio Three Key Steps to Every Relationship

By Elaine King

Planning should be done at all stages of living with your partner. Learn the three steps with examples that will help your clients.

audio Estate Planning Issues for Every Family Law Attorney

By Mildred Gomez

Hear Mildred Gomez address some of the basic estate planning and tax issues that family law practioners should be aware of as they counsel and encourage their clients to renew their estate plans. (09:16 min)

audio Representing a Grandparent Petitioning for Visitation Rights

By Carla-Michelle Adams

Carla-Michelle Adams outlines the criteria that are examined by the courts when determining whether to grant grandparents visitation rights for their underage grandchildren. (7:59 min)

audio Figuring Out Finances with a Forensic Accountant

By David Gresen

When financial documents don't seem right during a divorce proceeding, it may be time to bring in a professional to take a closer look. (6:58 min)



Upcoming Roundtable: An Introduction to Collaborative Law

The Family Law Committee, along with the Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee, will present, on Monday, June 13, 2016 at 12:30 p.m. (ET) a collaborative law roundtable that will provide insight to practitioners as to this new approach for resolving complex disputes. Register now!

Civil Right to Counsel Video

Learn more about the latest developments on the civil right to counsel movement and how you can get involved. Watch now.

Seeking Volunteers for Military Pro Bono Cases

The Military Pro Bono Project is looking for assistance in providing pro bono representation to service members in family law matters.

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