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Practice Points »

CMS Provides Physician Feedback Regarding MACRA

CMS will allow physicians to select their level of participation for the first performance year of MACRA Quality Payment Program.

HHS OIG Issues New Criteria for Exclusion from Federal Programs

Per the updated criteria, the OIG "evaluates healthcare fraud cases on a continuum," based on how likely a provider is to commit fraud again and the impact on patients.

FDA Approves Second-Ever Biosimilar

Celltrion's Inflectra is a copy of Janssen Biotech's Remicade.

Articles »

The Yates Memo and Big Pharma: Individual Prosecutions for Corporate Misconduct

By Dustin Aponte, Dr. Saul Helman, and Jennifer Mitchell

The Yates Memo sends an unmistakable message to corporate decision makers.

American Bar Association House of Delegates Update

By Grant C. Killoran

At the Midyear Meeting, the ABA House of Delegates approved a number of reports featuring policy initiatives proposed by the Section of Litigation and the Health Care Section.

Vanessa's Law: Health Canada's Policy Shift Toward Transparency

By Sarah E. Whitmore

Vanessa's Law is a policy shift toward transparency that has significant implications for the health industry, particularly drug and medical device manufacturers.

Sound Advice »

audio Benefits of Pro Bono Work

By Nash Long

It feels as none of us has enough time. Veteran litigator Nash Long describes the three primary benefits to you and your career of making time for pro bono work. (14:46 min)

audio How to Be More Productive Throughout Your Day

By Eric W. Shannon

Although we all realize the need from productivity, some days demand it more than others. Eric Shannon outlines 7 things to do to be more productive during your day. (5:45 min)

audio HIPAA Bytes: A Practical Guide to Risk Assessment under the Breach Notification Rule

By Sheila Sokolowski

The third of a series of recordings by Sheila Sokolowski of Hogan Marren, Ltd., about the final HIPAA omnibus rule. Practical commentary on conducting risk assessments under HIPAA's Breach Notification Rule. (8:08 min)

Roundtables »

audio Accountable Care Organizations and the Affordable Care Act: Understanding the Benefits and Risks

A discussion the current reimbursement environment, followed by basic ACO structures and elements, with a particular emphasis on the Medicare Shared Savings Program and recent proposed rules regarding that program, and also possible legal risks ACOs pose to participants. (1:08:21 min)

audio Ebola and the Public Health System: Risk Management and Legal Duties in Fighting a Deadly Infectious Disease

The panel, consisting of a healthcare attorney, a hospital executive, and a public health official, highlight and debate the issues presented by the spread of Ebola to the United States. (1:06:10 min)

Announcements »

New Health Law Book Now Available

An Introduction to Health Law Litigation Based on Contract and Government Claims (A. Krauss, ed.), is now available! Read more.

Speakers Wanted for Sound Advice Podcasts

Do you have any advice that you would like to share with your fellow ABA members? Try the Sound Advice podcasts—all you need is a smartphone and 15 minutes of time. We take care of the editing and posting. For more information, please contact Aaron Krauss.

Call for Articles

The Health Law Litigation Committee looks to publish timely, informative, and practical articles of use to lawyers practicing in the healthcare industry. If you would have an idea for an article, or would like to contribute one for publication, please contact one of the web editors—Eric Shannon and Andrew Kasper—or one of the newsletter editors—Grant Killoran or Tim Caprez.

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