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Is It Time to Review the Unreviewable BIA's Sua Sponte Power?

By Alex I. Craciunescu

One of the main challenges that petitioners for review in circuit courts face is establishing that the issue falls within the court’s subject matter jurisdiction.

The Right to Effective Assistance of Counsel in Immigration Proceedings

By Thomas K. Ragland

The attorney general has affirmed the right to competent counsel in removal proceedings and restored the process for seeking reopening.

Niken v. Holder's Impact on Stays of Removal and Beyond

By Thomas K. Ragland

The Supreme Court held that the decision whether to grant a stay of removal is governed by traditional stay factors.

Supreme Court Strikes Down Long-Standing BIA Interpretation of “Persecutor Bar”

By Thomas K. Ragland

The Supreme Court proclaimed that the BIA had misapplied the law in Negusie v. Holder.

Use of E-Verify is Mandatory as is the Potential for Businesses to Lose their Licenses Under New Immigration Regime in Arizona

By Montserrat Miller

All Arizona employers must now participate in the federal government’s electronic employment verification program.

Federal Government Fails in Attempt to Bend Regulatory Flexibility Act

By Montserrat Miller

The court’s decision in this instance highlights the need to ensure that small-business owner's voices are heard as we continue to push for immigration reform. 

Shaking the Pillars: An Asylum Applicant Shakes Loose Some Unusual Relief | PDF

By Jonathan Robert Nelson

The name of Xiaodong Li, a Chinese refugee, may not sound like Samson, but his struggle for asylum shook the American religious establishment.


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