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CLE Seminar, February/March 2008, Tucson, AZ


The documents below are written materials from programs that have been sponsored by the Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee. Please note: You must be a Section of Litgation member and be logged in to access the files.

All files are available in PDF format unless otherwise noted. (PDF)

Mediator Perspectives: Ten Ways to Win (or Lose) Your Mediation

To Renew or Not to Renew? That is the $64,000,000 Underwriting Question

Confronting Catastrophe: Pandemics, Hurricanes, Terrorists – Oh My!

Handling Experts: How To Properly Disclose Experts Without Losing Your License and Being Sued for Malpractice

Time Traveler: 27 Years of Insurance Litigation After Keene Corp. v. Insurance Co. of North America

Just When you Thought it was Safe to Eat Spinach: Insurance Coverage for Food-Related Liabilities and Recalls

Peeling the Onion: Layers of New D&O Coverage Issues

Insurance and Indemnity Provisions in Private Transactions: Belt and Suspenders or Gordian Knot?

Backing Away From the Brink: Proactive Preparation and Effective Mediation of Coverage Cases

Oops – Loss of Coverage for Failure of Policy Conditions: Post-Occurrence Conduct That Voids the Insurer’s Obligations

Privacy Please! Coverage for Claims Made Under Federal and State Statutes Involving Secrecy and Seclusion

Coverage For an Inconvenient Truth? D&O Coverage for Global Climate Change

How to Avoid Getting Whacked by the Doctrine of Reasonable Expectations

Roundtable Luncheon: The Application of State Antitrust Laws to the Insurance Industry

Roundtable Luncheon: Umbrellas & Shorts?!? A Discussion of London & Bermuda Arbitrations

20 Ways to Lose Your Coverage Fight! The Top 20 “Don’ts” in Handling Claims and Litigating Coverage

Reinsurance 2008: Establishing the Rules of the Game

One Man’s Shield, Another Man’s Sword: Contesting Privilege in Coverage Litigation

Defense Costs in Environmental Coverage Cases – Soil Vapors & Air Monitoring Costs: Covered or Just Hot Air?

The Lessons of Congoleum Bankruptcy: Prepackaged Bankruptcies and the Use of Insurance Assets to Deal with Mass Tort Claims

Missing Policies: Insurers’ and Policyholders’ Perspectives on Best Practices

I Got “YouTube Covered?” Insurance Coverage for IP and Cyber-Loss

Non-Products Coverage: It’s Not Just for Asbestos Any More

Insurance 101 – Discovery in a Coverage Case

Ethics Jeopardy: “Alex, I'll Take the Tripartite Relationship for $1,000 Please.”

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