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2010 CLE Seminar, Tucson, AZ


The documents below are written materials from programs that have been sponsored by the Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee. Please note: You must be a Section of Litgation member and be logged in to access the files.

All files are available in PDF format unless otherwise noted. (PDF)

Ace in the Hole or Cheap Trick? - Invoking Arbitration Clauses in Coverage Litigation

Chinese Drywall, Additional Insureds and Priority Fights, Oh My: What’s Hot In Construction Defects

The Intersection Between Bankruptcy and Insurance Coverage: What Every Coverage Practitioner Should Know

Knockin' on Heaven's Door: Perspectives on Litigation and Negotiation of High-Damage Claims in 2010 and Beyond

Measuring Business Interruption Loss in Wide-Impact Catastrophes: Insurance Against Catastrophes Or Only Against Insured Damage From Catastrophes?

Computer Modeling of Wind, Earthquake, and Climate Change: Will It Significantly Change Insurance Underwriting and Coverage Litigation?

Solvent Schemes in the UK and the US - the Insider's View

Fallout from the Collapse of the Economy?

Employment Practices Liability Coverage – Updates and Strategies in Addressing Employment-Based Claims

Rescission Is the New DJ

Resolving Complex D&O Claims Through Multiple Layers of Coverage

Winding Road to “Insured Contract” Coverage and Additional Insured Status: A Case Study of Tribulation and Trial

Independent Defense Counsel: When Can the Policyholder Select Its Own Defense Lawyer and How Much Does the Insurer Have to Pay?

Does This Cloud Have a Silver Lining? Insurance Coverage and the Financial Crisis

Resolving Reinsurance Disputes at Home and Abroad

Standing Alone: Allocation of Duties When Not All Insurers Agree

Breaking the Silence: Environmental Cost Recovery Is Springing to Life

Now You See It, Now You Don't: Demystifying Exclusions and the Illusion of No Coverage

Insurance Coverage for Intellectual Property Claims: Can You Buy It, and Do You Already Have It?

'Brother, Can You Spare Some Insurance Coverage?' Coverage Disputes in Tough Economic Times

Tough Evidentiary Issues in a Coverage and Bad Faith Trial

The Insurance Broker and Coverage Disputes: Emerging Issues

You Bet Your License! A Legal Ethics Quiz Show

When Insurance Law Meeting Commercial Law – Is an Equitable Subrogation Claim Subject to the Economic Loss Doctrine


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