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Task Force on Insurance and Terrorism Claims

Getting Back to Business

September 11 Insurance Information and Recovery Tips for Small Business

Tragedy has affected all of us. In lower Manhattan small and local business owners have been hit particularly hard with significant losses. Initial estimates of damage at and around the World Trade Center have ranged from $30 billion to $70 billion. A study by the New York City Controllers' office in November 2001 estimated property damage claims at $34 billion - with an additional $10 billion in lost business. Many businesses were entirely lost or substantially damaged, or have suffered hardships trying to get up and running again. May have been forced to relocate.

This site is designed to give small businesses affected by the September attack help through the process of filing and completing claims for property damage and loss and business interruption.

While compiled in response to the WTC attacks, these tips may also be helpful to any business affected by a disaster.

A first step in addressing any losses from any disaster is to gather the relevant documents. The Task Force has created checklists of steps to follow in making a claim for loss or destruction of property or loss or interruption of a business under a property insurance policy. These checklists are available in the links on the right-hand margin of this page.

First, gather any documents you have and get them organized.

Do you have your policy or was it lost? Even when policies are lost, policyholders may still be able to make claims if they have other evidence of coverage under appropriate circumstances. Do you know the policy number? Are your premiums current? Do you have the name and number of your agent, or insurance company?

We have tried to make this site user-friendly. If you have suggestions on how it can better serve your needs, click on the e-mail link at the bottom of this page.

When you are ready to begin, just click on the information you need. All the information and forms are downloadable in printable format!

Inside this Committee

About the Task Force

This Task Force is chaired by the Chairs of the Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee and is made of lawyers who represent both policyholder and insurance companies; in-house executives of insurance companies; risk managers for policyholder companies; representatives of the American Insurance Association and Risk and Insurance Management Society; and insurance brokers.

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