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Changes to the California Online Privacy Protection Act

Implications for operators.

Internet TV Heads to the High Court

The Supreme Court's decision in Aereo has the potential to end free Internet TV or reshape broadcast TV as we know it.

U.S. Copyright Office Ponders "Small-Claims" Tribunal

The office has released a report calling for the creation of a forum to pursue infringement matters under $30,000.

Articles »

Protecting Trade Secrets Stored in the Cloud

By Benjamin J. Bradford, Justin A. Maleson, and Michael T. Werner

Steps to take to maintain the secrecy of sensitive information.

Inside Trade-Secret Investigations at the U.S. International Trade Commission

By P. Andrew Riley

A look at the requirements and advantages of pursuing a misappropriation claim at the ITC.

On the Importance of Early Identification and Getting Specific

By Casey Mangan and Jeffrey A. Wakolbinger

A survey of recent cases underscores the need for plaintiffs to pin down the particular information alleged to be trade secrets early on.

Announcements »

Join Us for Our Monthly Conference Calls!

The calls take place on the second Wednesday of each month at noon Pacific time. Upcoming Committee projects, programs, and publications are all on the agenda.

You Snooze, You Lose? Raging Bull and Copyright Laches

Join us on April 29 for an engaging webinar on the issues presented in Petrella as well as a report on the Supreme Court oral argument.

Copyrights Subcommittee Hosts Teleconference on Small Claims

The program took place on March 6, 2014, and featured speakers from the U.S. Copyright Office.

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