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Practice Points »

A Circuit Split at Last: De Minimis Exception

Ninth Circuit recognizes the exception to copyright infringement of sound recordings.


President Obama Signs Defend Trade Secrets Act

Trade secrets now enjoy the same type of federal protection afforded other forms of intellectual property.


Supreme Court Arguments in Two IP Cases Portend Practical Guidance for Practitioners

During oral arguments, a conspicuous focus on fundamental fairness emerged.

Articles »

Shall We Dance? FDA Biosimilar Approval Process Litigation Options

By Henrik (Rik) D. Parker

The litigation options available to biologic innovators and biosimilar applicants are in flux as district courts and the Federal Circuit interpret the BPCIA.


International Conflicts over Patenting Human DNA

By Alyson L. Wooten

The High Court of Australia recently emphasized the public policy issues concerning gene patents.


Unanswered Issues in the Federal Circuit's Amgen v. Sandoz Decision

By Ronald C. Kern Jr.

Although the Federal Circuit declined to rehear the case, lower courts are beginning to address unresolved issues regarding biosimilars.


Announcements »

Upcoming Webinar—"Copyright Termination: How Authors Can Get Back a Piece of Their Pie"

Register for the free webinar, which will be held on Thursday, February 4, 2016, from 2 p.m.–3 p.m. ET.


ABA Section of Litigation Core Knowledge Project

Get more information about Core Knowledge on our Programs & Materials page.


Committee Presents Programs on Patent Trolls

The April 10th program, "Patent Trolls—Do They Help or Hurt Innovation and Will the Legislation Kill Them," offered a lively debate on this hot topic.

Join Us for Our Monthly Conference Calls!

The calls take place on the second Wednesday of each month at noon Pacific time. Upcoming Committee projects, programs, and publications are all on the agenda.

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