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Third Circuit Rejects Presumption of Irreparable Harm in Lanham Act Cases

Cases are now required to demonstrate that a party seeking a preliminary injunction must demonstrate a probability, not possibility, of irreparable harm.

Supreme Court Weighs in on Patent-Eligible Subject Matter

Justice Clarence Thomas writes the opinion in Alice v. CLS Bank.

Does Nautilus Avoid the "Zone of Uncertainty"?

The case has made indefiniteness one area of law to watch, as courts and litigants explore the contours of the new test over the coming months.

Articles »

Partial Institution by PTAB Violates the AIA—And There Is a Simple Solution

By Tim Wilson and John Sieman

The partial institution of a trial on only a subset of the challenged claims violates the AIA and needs to be corrected, before we need to revisit cases that have already been decided.

Harmonizing Standards for District Court and PTAB Claim Construction

By Robert M. Asher

With the emergence of new AIA post-grant proceedings, the time is right for the Federal Circuit to bring greater uniformity to claim construction.

Amending Fences: Early Failures Amending Claims in Inter Partes Review

By P. Andrew Riley and Jonathan R.K. Stroud

Despite the PTAB's denial of nearly all motions to amend, there are valuable lessons for patentees that can lead to better outcomes in the future.

Announcements »

Committee Presents Programs on Patent Trolls

The April 10th program, "Patent Trolls—Do They Help or Hurt Innovation and Will the Legislation Kill Them," offered a lively debate on this hot topic.

Join Us for Our Monthly Conference Calls!

The calls take place on the second Wednesday of each month at noon Pacific time. Upcoming Committee projects, programs, and publications are all on the agenda.

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