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Supreme Court Weighs in on Patent-Eligible Subject Matter

Justice Clarence Thomas writes the opinion in Alice v. CLS Bank.

Does Nautilus Avoid the "Zone of Uncertainty"?

The case has made indefiniteness one area of law to watch, as courts and litigants explore the contours of the new test over the coming months.

Lanham Act Claims for Misleading Product Description Can Coexist with FDCA Labeling Regulations

The case pits pomegranate-juice maker against Coca-Cola.

Articles »

Pleading Plausible Trade-Secret Claims under Twombly and Iqbal

By Ronald T. Coleman Jr.

Plaintiffs must allege enough specific facts supporting their claims for relief in order to meet the enhanced standard.

Delaware's Judge Stark Outlines New Patent Case Management Practices

By Chad S.C. Stover

"The times they are a-changin.'"

Protecting Trade Secrets Stored in the Cloud

By Benjamin J. Bradford, Justin A. Maleson, and Michael T. Werner

Steps to take to maintain the secrecy of sensitive information.

Announcements »

Committee Presents Programs on Patent Trolls

The April 10th program, "Patent Trolls—Do They Help or Hurt Innovation and Will the Legislation Kill Them," offered a lively debate on this hot topic.

Join Us for Our Monthly Conference Calls!

The calls take place on the second Wednesday of each month at noon Pacific time. Upcoming Committee projects, programs, and publications are all on the agenda.

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