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The Legal Services Delivery Committee of the ABA Section of Litigation


In 1999 the Legal Services Project (now known as the Legal Services Delivery Committee) requested that the Section of Litigation approve funding to assist legal services programs in establishing private bar fundraising campaigns. The request was approved, and grants have been made to help numerous programs obtain the technical assistance needed to launch fundraising efforts.

The Access to Justice/Legal Services Delivery Subcommittee of the ABA Section of Litigation announces its next grant funding cycle.  The grants are intended to assist legal services organizations with fundraising projects.  


The Justice Assistance Fund (JAF) application and approval process operates as follows:


1. Legal Services or other public interest law groups in need of fundraising assistance submit applications to the Access to Justice/Legal Services Delivery Subcommittee of the Section.


2. After review and evaluation of the applications, the committee issues grants of up to $5,000.00 to selected programs. The selected programs must match JAF dollars on, at least, a one-to-one basis, must identify at least one person in the program who will join the Section of Litigation upon receipt of the funds or who is already a member.  The organization must issue a press release announcing its selection for the 2014 Justice Assistance Fund Program sponsored by the ABA Section of Litigation’s Access to Justice/Legal Services Delivery Subcommittee, upon receipt of the grant.


3. The grant amount thus committed may be used to bring in fundraising consulting staff during a one-year period to help organize a major fundraising project or for the purposes of planning, developing, initiation and implementation of a fundraising effort.


What organizations qualify to receive a Justice Assistance Fund (JAF) grant?
Any legal aid program or other organization whose primary purpose is to secure access to justice for low-income families and individuals is eligible to receive a JAF grant. In the past, grants have gone to city/county-based programs, statewide programs or coalitions and bar foundations/associations. A program should identify members of the Section of Litigation that will be involved in the project.


What kind of grants are programs eligible to receive?
The Legal Services Delivery Committee of the Section is particularly interested in efforts that are aimed at increasing the involvement of the private bar in raising funds for legal aid. The Committee is also interested in projects that have the greatest long-term potential for generating funds for legal services for low-income persons.


TO APPLY:  The application process is now closed.


Please direct questions regarding this program to Kimberly Shadle (kimberly.shadle@americanbar.org).


The Access to Justice Committee would like to congratulate the following 2013-2014 Justice Assistance Fund Grant Awardees:

2013-2014 Justice Assistance Fund Grantees

      1. Bay Area Legal Services, Tampa Bay, Florida

      2. Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and the Cumberlands, Nashville, Tennessee

      3. Montana Legal Services Association, Helena, Montana

Each organization will receive a grant of $5000.00.

2012-2013 Justice Assistance Fund Grantees

      1. Campaign for Legal Services, New Hampshire

      2. Community Legal Aid, Inc., Massachusetts

      3. Community Legal Center, Tennessee


2011-2012 Justice Assistance Fund Grantees

      1. Casa Cornelia Law Center (San Diego, California)

      2. Tennessee Justice Center

      3. Iowa Legal Aid

      4. The Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati