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Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage

By Mark Hamby

The right to marry is a fundamental right for everyone nationwide.


How In-House Counsel Can Promote LGBT Diversity in the Legal Profession

By Samuel L. Felker

Expectations that the outside law firm's commitment should mirror the company's own should be conveyed.

The Pioneers Series: An Interview with Justice Rives Kistler of the Supreme Court of Oregon

By Nick Kacprowski

A discussion of LGBT litigation issues with a prominent LGBT judge.

It's Not the "ENDA" Sexual Orientation Discrimination

By David Scher and R. Scott Oswald

Employers should act as though sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination are illegal even if the act is not passed.

The Top 10 Hiring and Interviewing Tips for Moving Diversity Forward

By Verna Myers

Adopt these practices to help grow your firm's diversity.


A Primer on Kentucky's Same-Sex Marriage Lawsuit

By Monica Hof Wallace and Christopher Gerald Otten

A discussion of the federal court decision in Kentucky that focused on the recognition of same-sex marriages in Kentucky, rather than the right to enter into the marriage.

Why Same-Sex Couples Will Be Moving to Florida (and Other Low Tax Cost States)

By Alan S. Gassman

IRS Revenue Ruling 2013-17 treats same-sex couples as married for federal income, estate, and gift tax purposes.

Challenges to Same-Sex Marriage Bans Succeeding

By Mark T. Hamby

An overview of recent decisions finding same-sex marriages and equality bans unconstitutional.

Comparative LGBT Rights Law: Where Should You Have Your Gay Honeymoon?

By Emily A. Ambrose

With the rise in gay marriages comes the question of where to honeymoon. Some of the top honeymoon destinations are not gay-friendly, warranting some research before making travel plans.

Mid-Course Correction: A Transgender Trial Lawyer Shares Her Journey

By Emily Babcock and Ellen Krug

An intimate account of one trial lawyer's experience going from "Ed" to "Ellen."

The Closet Case: Coming Out in the Legal Profession

By Omar J. Alaniz

LGBT lawyers often spend their whole lives coming out—and nowhere is this more complicated than in the workplace.

Excluding Gay Jurors after Windsor

By Shmuel Bushwick

A closer look at GSK v. Abbott and its implications regarding the contentious issue of sexual-orientation discrimination.

The Rights of Children of Same-Sex Couples: In Their Own Words

By Monique R. Sherman

An amicus curiae brief gives the children a powerful and persuasive voice in the Supreme Court.

Gender Identity: Breaking Ground in Employment Law

By Evan Schlack

Claims based on gender-identity discrimination are gaining traction.

Tax Gross-Up as an Equalizer for Employees

By Erin E. Bohacek

Employers are digging into their own pockets to level the playing field.

Is It Time to Start Your Own Firm?

By Larry D. Smith

Five tips for successfully launching your own firm from a partner who's been there, done that.

Ruth Harlow: One of Our Heroes

By Emily Babcock

A look at the legendary LGBT litigator's career highs and her impact on the legal landscape.

The Business Case for Launching an Affinity Group

By Amie E. Needham

Why it may pay off for your firm.

Same-Sex Marriage: Redefining the Movement

By Emily Babcock

Can marriage equality be won by popular vote? The November 2012 election revealed a historic shift in the court of public opinion and at the polls.

Q&A with Lambda Legal's Deputy Legal Director

By Hayley Gorenberg

One of the stewards behind the civil rights group for the LGBT community and those with HIV discusses what drives her advocacy work.

A Children's Rights Lawyer's Perspective on LGBTQ Youth Issues

By Cindy C. Albracht-Crogan

Best practices for representing vulnerable youth in the child-welfare and juvenile-justice systems.

Reality Check: Combating Implicit Bias

By J. Dalton Courson

Contrary to what popular TV shows depict, LGBT attorneys remain a rarity in the profession. One reason may be unconscious discrimination.

Lawyers United: The Marriage Amendment in Minnesota

By Emily Babcock

"If we don't fight hard enough for the things we stand for, at some point we have to recognize that we don't really stand for them." —Paul Wellstone

Title IX Liability for Anti-Gay Bullying

By J. Dalton Courson and Abigayle C. Farris

$800,000 verdict may push schools to address the issue.

Advice for Being Out on Your Résumé and in Your Interview

By Lori L. Lorenzo

Job seekers should be out on their résumés, provided that identification with the LGBT community is relevant to the position for which they are applying.

Being Yourself as a Gay Trial Lawyer

By Amy E. Davis

Do you fear that being part of the LGBT community could cause the jury to dislike you—and by extension, your client?

A Trial Lawyer's Guide to LGBT Issues in the Courtroom

By James A. Reeder Jr.

Trial lawyers should consider a few things to avoid the inadvertent unfair or disrespectful treatment of LGBT judges, jurors, witnesses or others in the courtroom.

The Changing Landscape of Second-Parent Adoptions

By Leslie M. Fenton and Ann Fenton

Despite recent legal victories for same-sex couples, many are stymied when they try to seek legal protection for their relationships with their children.

The Motion to Vacate the Proposition 8 Trial Decision

By Allison Zamani

The motion to vacate in the California case represents only a narrow issue, but the ideological heart of the matter lies in the opposing parties' views on homosexuality.

LGBT Litigators Confront Violence in the Heartland

By J. Kendall Seal

LGBT clients who are victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking face a multitude of cultural and legal hurdles to protecting themselves and their families.

Obama Administration Shifts on the Defense of Marriage Act

By Nicholas P. Drury

The administration supports providing federal benefits to same-sex couples while advocating for states' right to refuse to acknowledge the relationships.

Part 2: LGBTQ Youth in the Juvenile Justice System

By Amanda Valentino

Advocates for young LGBT clients need to take a multidimensional approach to recognize their particular concerns.

HIV, AIDS, and Barring Discovery

By Jessie Zaylía

The McNight case represents a case of legislative privacy protection versus the right to discover.

Constance McMillen: Extending the Rights of LGBT Students

By Alysson Mills

When Constance McMillen, a senior at Itawamba Agricultural High School in Fulton, Mississippi, was told she could not take her girlfriend to the prom, she took a stand.

Numbers Tell a Story: Recent Litigation in LGBT Issues

By Larry D. Smith, Esq.

We are a profession intrigued by numbers. These numbers tell the long journey the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community has traveled to secure liberties guaranteed to all citizens.

Part 1: LGBTQ Youth in the Juvenile Justice System

By Amanda Valentino

Although some safeguards are in place to ensure the safety of LGBT youth in detention facilities, more can be done to promote awareness and keep all LGBT youth safe.