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Practice Points »

MDL Decision Clarifies Standards for Defense to Failure-To-Warn Claims

Lower courts have been grappling with this what constitutes "clear evidence."

"Strongest Adverse Inference" Sanction Issued Against Asbestos Defendant

If the Warren sanction order has broader implications in NYCAL matters, it might end up being a two-way street for plaintiffs.

Standing and Class Issues on Review in New Supreme Court Term

A new Supreme Court term has begun! And among the matters being considered are several questions that could have significant impact on the landscape of complex litigation.

Articles »

Striking Back: Federal Rule 37(c) and Untimely Expert Reports

By Puja Leekha and Molly E. Flynn

In mass tort trials, surprise often takes the form of untimely expert reports.

Clapper and Remijas: A Footnote in the Door for Data Breach Plaintiffs

By Anonymous

Young lawyers interested in complex litigation should be aware of Remijas and its likely progeny.

Show It, Don't Tell It: Twenty-First-Century Animation in Air Crash Litigation

By Michael S. Krzak

In deciding whether to make use of an animation, it is critical to distinguish between the terms "animation" and "simulation."

Sound Advice »

audio Simple Best Practices in Managing E-Discovery

By Matthew Moeller

Matthew Moeller outlines ways to manage E-Discovery that will streamline your case and keep your clients happy. (06:26 min)

audio Bellwether Clients in Mass Torts Litigation

By Eric Hudson

Eric Hudson discusses what bellwether clients are in MDL and if they are actually helpful to your case. (10:49 min)

audio Practical Tips for Success as a Young Lawyer

By Donnie Winningham

Donnie Winningham breaks advice into four categories that all trial lawyers are sure to understand. (06:58 min)

audio Identifying and Defending a Claim of Educational Malpractice

By Donnie Winningham

Litigator Donnie Winningham discusses outlines reason why educational malpractice claims are rejected and how to best defend them. (10:30 min)

Roundtables »

audio Hey, CAFA, Is That a Class Action: Mississippi Ex Rel Hood v. Au Optronics

Examining the holding in this newly announced decision and what it may mean for future parens patriae actions and other types of quasi-class actions or mass actions. (56:12)

audio The Future of Hydraulic Fracturing

Featuring a unique group of lawyers and non-lawyers to provide a fact-based peek into the future, including presentations and an interactive discussion among the panelists. (1:01:42)

audio Mutual Pharmaceutical Company, Inc. v. Bartlett and Preemption in Pharmaceutical Litigation

Learn about the significance of the Barltett decision and its impact on the Supreme Court's preemption holdings. (57:33)

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Register Now—Joint CLE Seminar: January 21–23, 2016

Join us for the CLE presented by the Section of Litigation Products Liability, Mass Torts, and Environmental Subcommittees in Park City, Utah. Register now!

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