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News & Developments »

The Chevron Ecuadorian Judgment: Jurisdiction over Recognition in Canada

The latest development in the long-running international controversy.

GAO Issues Report on Mandatory GA Liability Insurance Requirements

The U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation requested a study in response to concerns raised about inadequate insurance covering injury, death, and property-damage claims in general-aviation accidents.

Ninth Circuit Remands Hundreds of Claims Despite Possible Joinder

Practitioners may want to review Briggs v. Merck Sharp & Dohme carefully.

Articles »

Handling Aviation Disaster Claims: One Insider's View from the London Market

By Nelson Camacho

What's been happening outside of the public view as insurers seek to manage some of the major aviation losses in recent years.

Expert Evidence at Class Certification and the Role of Daubert

By M. Joseph Winebrenner

Does the standard apply at this stage, and if so, to what extent?

Increasing Coordination among Federal Prosecutors, Regulators, and Civil Enforcers

By Adam J. Spicer

The lines between civil litigation and white-collar criminal law have increasingly become blurred.

Sound Advice »

audio Practical Tips for Success as a Young Lawyer

By Donnie Winningham

Donnie Winningham breaks advice into four categories that all trial lawyers are sure to understand. (06:58 min)

audio Identifying and Defending a Claim of Educational Malpractice

By Donnie Winningham

Litigator Donnie Winningham discusses outlines reason why educational malpractice claims are rejected and how to best defend them. (10:30 min)

audio Exhibit Management in Mass Torts Cases

By Kristin Beckman

Kristin Beckman explains that by focusing your strategy on the burden of proof, you can limit the scope of exhibits, leading to a more manageable and focused case. (06:22 min)

audio Overview of U.S. Trade Sanctions

By Douglas Maag

Veteran litigator Douglas Maag details how U.S. economic and trade sanctions can affect the handling of mass-tort claims. (8:13 min)

Roundtables »

audio Hey, CAFA, Is That a Class Action: Mississippi Ex Rel Hood v. Au Optronics

Examining the holding in this newly announced decision and what it may mean for future parens patriae actions and other types of quasi-class actions or mass actions. (56:12)

audio The Future of Hydraulic Fracturing

Featuring a unique group of lawyers and non-lawyers to provide a fact-based peek into the future, including presentations and an interactive discussion among the panelists. (1:01:42)

audio Mutual Pharmaceutical Company, Inc. v. Bartlett and Preemption in Pharmaceutical Litigation

Learn about the significance of the Barltett decision and its impact on the Supreme Court's preemption holdings. (57:33)

Announcements »

Mass Torts: Summer 2015 Newsletter

The latest edition of Mass Torts is now available.

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