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Practice Points »

In Dose of Common Sense, FDA Decides Not to Regulate All Health Apps as Devices

Recent non-binding guidance provides a degree of certainty to manufacturers of popular devices such as FitBit, the Apple Watch, and various health "apps."

Sanctions for Forum Shopping the Approval of Class Action Settlements

Adams is a reminder that, once a federal court takes jurisdiction of a class action, it is improper to take steps to have another court approve a settlement for a class where the district court retains jurisdiction and is required under Rule 23 to protect the class members' interests.

FDA Issues FSMA Final Rule on Intentional Adulteration of the Food Supply

The primary purpose of the rule is to protect the food supply from acts intended to cause large-scale harm, such as acts of terrorism.

Articles »

ABA Core Knowledge—Part I: Taking Your First Expert Deposition

By Richard M. Gaal

Understanding the basics of preparing for and taking your first expert deposition is fundamental for young lawyers practicing in the mass torts arena.

Picking Up the Pieces: Litigating after the Big Daubert Ruling

By Joe Winebrenner and Jeff Wojciechowski

Litigants on both sides of the bar have a variety of options.

Jenga for Experts: How Much Can One Expert Rely on Another?

By Eric E. Hudson and Richelle W. Kidder

There are traps in the rules for the unwary expert who seeks to rely on another witness's underlying reports or work in formulating his or her opinion.

Sound Advice »

audio Ethics and the In-House Lawyer

By David Schwan

David Schwan discusses conflicts, privilege, and confidentiality issues from the in-house perspective. (9:59 min)

audio Marketing Your Practice Through LinkedIn

By Courtney Ward-Reichard

Courtney Ward-Reichard outlines some of the best practices for using your LinkedIn profile to help market yourself while not violating any ethical standards. (09:41 min)

audio Court Appointed Special Advocates Program (CASA)

By Karen Woodward

Working on pro bono cases has many benefits for the attorney involved. Karen Woodward shares how working as a CASA has impacted her personally and professionally. (05:27 min)

Roundtables »

audio Hey, CAFA, Is That a Class Action: Mississippi Ex Rel Hood v. Au Optronics

Examining the holding in this newly announced decision and what it may mean for future parens patriae actions and other types of quasi-class actions or mass actions. (56:12)

audio The Future of Hydraulic Fracturing

Featuring a unique group of lawyers and non-lawyers to provide a fact-based peek into the future, including presentations and an interactive discussion among the panelists. (1:01:42)

audio Mutual Pharmaceutical Company, Inc. v. Bartlett and Preemption in Pharmaceutical Litigation

Learn about the significance of the Barltett decision and its impact on the Supreme Court's preemption holdings. (57:33)

Announcements »

Mass Torts: Summer 2016 Newsletter

The latest edition of Mass Torts is now available.

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