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Loaded Guns Allowed in Bars, Schools, and Churches

Georgia's recent enactment of the Safe Carry Protection Act leaves controversy in its wake as gun control supporters argue that it compromises public safety.

Proponents of Immigration Call for Action

Several groups have filed suit against the federal government in response to the recent influx of unaccompanied minors crossing over into the United States and their resulting treatment.

DACA Revisited: A Look into the Progress

Organizations continue working on raising awareness, yet a change in immigration policy is needed to offer benefits such as permanent residency and citizenship.

Articles »

Eleventh Circuit Flip-Flops in Consorcio Ecuatoriano

By Leigh-Ann A. Buchanan

Court now recognizes private foreign arbitration proceedings as qualified for section 1782 discovery assistance from U.S. courts.

Review by U.S. Courts of Investment Treaty Awards

By William B. Panlilio

Lessons learned and potential impact of BG Group PLC v. Republic of Argentina.

Fraudulent Practices and Foreign Judgments: Don't Try This at Home

By Guy Kamealoha Noa

Will the fraud ruling in Chevron Corp. v. Donziger impact the success of enforcing foreign judgments in the U.S.?

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Confused? Concerned? Curious? Need advice? MTL mentors will answer your questions about professional development, career building, firm relationships, and work-life balance. Submit your own anonymous question.

How Can a Young Associate Become Involved in a Firm's Business-Development Initiatives?

Start with seeking out opportunities and seeing them through.

Sound Advice

audio Anatomy of a Construction Defect Case

By Ellen Greiper and Eric Cohen

An overview of this specific type of litigation and some tips on how best to handle these cases, which present several unique scenarios and challenges for attorneys. (12:41 min)

audio The Transition from Prosecutor to Private Practice

By Andre Caldwell

Making the switch from the public sector to private realm can be challenging. Listen as former prosecutor Andre Caldwell shares advice on how to make this transition go smoothly. (7:29 min)

audio Best Practices for Pretrial Discovery and the Use of Experts

By Joe Hanna

Joe Hanna gives tips on conducting pretrial discovery and using experts to help give you the advantage. (9:10 min)

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MTL Seeks Contributors for Website

The committee is currently inviting contributors for the News & Developments section of our website. Contact editor Patricia Astorga if you are interested.


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Circuit Conflicts in Antitrust Litigation

This practical guide surveys current conflicts among the Circuit Courts of Appeal in antitrust litigation.


A Century of Legal Ethics: Trial Lawyers and the ABA Canons of Professional Ethics

The ABA Canons of Ethics was adopted in 1908 and created ethical standards for lawyers.