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Madden NFL Lawsuit Gets Sent Back to the Locker Room

Electronic Arts seeks relief from SCOTUS regarding the suit.


New York Residents File Suit to Eliminate the "Tampon Tax"

Women in forty states continue to pay taxes on the items currently categorized by the FDA as "medical devices."


Bankrupt or Busted?

50 Cent's Instagram photos of himself posing with stacks of cash raise questions about the legitimacy of his Chapter 11 claim.

Articles »

The 2015 Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

By Karen A. Henry and Diana Palacios

Significant changes to the FRCP are changing the way civil litigants operate in federal court.

Pleading Patent Infringement after Elimination of Form 18

By Peter H. Kang and Sue Wang

The abrogation of Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 84 and its form pleadings may have an impact on patent litigation.

Deposition Tips for Young Lawyers

By Jim Shelson and R. Gregg Mayer

Get organized, and keep it simple.

Ask a Mentor»»

Confused? Concerned? Curious? Need advice? MTL mentors will answer your questions about professional development, career building, firm relationships, and work-life balance. Submit your own anonymous question.

How Can a Young Associate Become Involved in a Firm's Business-Development Initiatives?

Start with seeking out opportunities and seeing them through.

Sound Advice »

audio Recent Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

By Tanya Blocker

As of December 1, 2015, there are new amendments to the FRCP. Listen as Tanya Blocker reviews some of the changes, specifically those to Rules 26 and Rule 34. (6:59 min)

audio Anatomy of a Construction Defect Case

By Ellen Greiper and Eric Cohen

An overview of this specific type of litigation and some tips on how best to handle these cases, which present several unique scenarios and challenges for attorneys. (12:41 min)

audio The Transition from Prosecutor to Private Practice

By Andre Caldwell

Making the switch from the public sector to private realm can be challenging. Listen as former prosecutor Andre Caldwell shares advice on how to make this transition go smoothly. (7:29 min)


Announcements »

May 12, 2016: Regional CLE—Save the Date!

Join us for a panel discussion hosted by the Environmental Litigation Committee, with speakers from the EPA and DOJ talking on recent developments and new initiatives in environmental compliance from 12:30 p.m.–6:30 p.m. Eastern. Register today!

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The Section of Litigation is creating a Diverse Litigator Speaker's Directory. If you would like to volunteer to be considered as a speaker please sign up by completing the Speaker Information form.

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The committee is currently inviting contributors for the Practice Points section of our website. Contact editor Patricia Astorga if you are interested.


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